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5 Most Common Workflow Issues that Ruin a Construction Project

12 Feb 2021

5 most common workflow issues to ruin construction projects

The inception of digital infrastructure and technologies designed to automate business operations from design, execution, and management is fast-changing the construction industry’s landscape. However, not all companies are willing to adopt new technologies, thinking that they can combat the usual construction workflow issues using traditional methods. According to an industry study conducted by Deloitte Engineering and Construction in 2021, construction businesses that have embraced ground-breaking technologies in their operations have managed to eliminate the most common construction workflow issues.

Here are the 5 most common business process issues that can signal to you that you need to pay attention to you workflows:

1. Lack of Digital Infrastructure

It’s no secret that various industries are coping well with today’s digital revolution, including construction. According to the Construction Institute, the integration of proven and tested technologies can increase a business’s productivity by 30% at the least. Furthermore, the institution reported that these digital infrastructures could also enhance the reliability and predictability of the materials being used in construction.

Today, inspectors and auditors can come to your doorstep at the most unexpected time. Who would want to be caught unprepared? Isn’t it great when you can hand over everything that inspectors are looking for in a single device? Not only can you save time and effort for checking and analysis, but you’ll also leave them with an excellent impression. In this fast-paced world, everyone wants to work with organized and efficient companies.

Apart from making information handy, the digital infrastructure helps secure important documents from physical damages or loss. Furthermore, going digital allows every team member to access information anytime and anywhere they need them, ultimately increasing overall productivity. You should always strive for quality control.

2. Flawed system and channels of communication

There is a popular notion that communication is vital, and it holds in any business. With different groups of people to deal with, such as staff, suppliers, and clients, there are rooms for miscommunication, especially if there are field agents who need to liaise with the main office. To eliminate the room for inconsistencies, construction firms must have a properly optimized workflow with clear and concise instructions. Everyone in the team must be informed of how the processes work as well in an easy-to-understand manner.

When everyone in the company is on the same page, it effectively lessens the possibility of misunderstandings, mishandling of information, and inaccurate instructions.

3. Tedious and lengthy back and forth procedures

Searching a critical piece of information across a room full of paper works and old documents is a tedious and time-consuming process. Not only does it require time and effort, but it also becomes a cause of delay. With reliable document management software in place, essential documents can be accessed within a few clicks by authorized personnel, and the work and processes will flow smoothly. Some features allow businesses to update stored information as necessary, meaning no one would be left out.

4. Lack of Offline Access

While it’s true that almost all businesses now harness the power of the Internet, it’s fair to say that not all places have access to it. If technical issues arise and the Internet is not available, you can’t certainly tell everyone to wait until it comes back. It is why construction companies must choose a digital infrastructure that comes with software that runs even offline. Instead of wasting time, you can fill out necessary documents, sign contracts, review papers, other materials, etc. Having online access is essential, but having offline access is crucial.

5. Failure to work on avoidable delays

Delays are considered a real pain in the arse by people in the construction business. While it’s inevitable that you will come across sudden issues down the road, there are plenty of possible problems that can be avoided if specific measures are put in place. To lessen the possibility of having roadblocks, you can use digital solutions that allow authorized teams to track workflow in real-time. Wherever the team members may be, they must be able to convey critical information swiftly and efficiently. When a problem is identified as early as possible, the teams will have enough time to craft solutions and execute them before becoming too big and out of control.

5 Most Common Workflow Issues in Construction Projects

The issues discussed above are just 5 of the many workflow issues that construction companies face on a day to day basis. However, as the industry moves toward the digital revolution, it’s vital for construction business owners to adapt to changes and to automate processes by embracing ground-breaking technologies, no matter how costly they might be. After all, you would soon find out that it’s more expensive to deal with recurring issues and mistakes in the construction business instead of employing new technologies.

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