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4 Tips to Harmonize The Look of House

9 Apr 2020

4 Tips to Harmonize The Look of House With Mix-Matching The Wood Tones

Say goodbye to those matchy-matchy pieces of furniture in the room. And to be honest, th ank god they came and went away as well. A total wooden detailing room looks cobbled together. But getting over a love of wood furniture will be a little bit annoying and getting off-trend too.

What to do? Really there’s no way to combine wooden elements more soothing and satisfyingly? So should I just have a solid oak wood flooring done and add nothing to complement it? I don’t know what is more durable than wood?

Don’t think much, you read the title, right? You are here to know about how to mix different wood shades. Then have patience, and keep your eyes on the screen and mind focused. Till you reach the end of the article, you will be having multiple ideas revolving in your subconscious mind.

So there are no hard and fast rules on mixing the wood shades for an eclectic decor. But yeah, there are few things that you should keep in mind while mixing the different types of wood. We all know, wood has natural hues that can go with almost everything, but is it the same for wood too?

The answer is no, the various textures, colors, and grains provide you with a number of options to decide from. And choices create confusion. And hence,

#Tip 1: Have at Least One Basic Element in Common

While mixing the different shades of wood, make sure you keep your focus on at least one element of it. This way, you will be able to create an area having wooden furniture with boarded floors or walls, but it will be soothing to the eye.

4 Tips to Harmonize The Look of House With Mix-Matching The Wood Tones

For instance, look at the image, here the ceiling is made of pine wood. And the texture of pine wood is the base, or you can say common element. The entire area has three shades of wood. But you will notice the balanced design of it and no doubt this room is comforting to look at. Here the flooring is done with the oak wood, but the color is blending well with the other shades.

So with its conclusion, we get the:

#Tip 2: Make Sure There is a Color Balance

The natural color of the wood has around two-three hues in it, brown, grey, and black. (Which can be seen if noticed carefully!) Now when you select the different types of wood, take a close look at the color palette. And if you are taking one from warm colors, then others should be of that criteria only. Likewise for the cooler tones. The experts at Anne Quinn Furniture that specialize in solid wood furniture have a great selection of colors and styles for you to get inspiration from.

4 Tips to Harmonize The Look of House With Mix-Matching The Wood Tones

Let’s take an example, here in this living room, how many colors you see? Dark grey, black and cream. Here the designer has skillfully applied the colors without making it look odd. The focus wall is of dark grey wood, black furniture and cream solid oak wood flooring. The timber employed on the focal wall has all three hues. The repetition of a single color is done aptly, which harmonizes the aura of the room. Woven wood chairs, baskets, and the table are complementing well.

Here the transition between the dark grey wall and the cream floor is smoothened with the rug and plush fabric sofas. And this leads us to the,

#Tip 3: Add a Buffering Element

The buffering element will distract your eyes from the intake of too much woody. This tip is helpful for the one who has solid oak wood flooring done for the durability and the stylish outlook of the house. Nothing serious, but a single mistake can ruin your dream of having a chic home. Don’t panic. We will show you how you can place the different shade of wood without making it look dissimilar.

4 Tips to Harmonize The Look of House With Mix-Matching The Wood Tones

Here’s an exceptional example of a dining room that has used the buffering technique like a pro. You can notice the color of wooden flooring and chairs kept on the rug. They have a significant variation in the tone, and the same is with the buffet kept on the left-hand side. But is it looking unappealing? No, it isn’t. Why? Because the designer or the homeowner has smartly placed the rug between the dining table and floor.

And even the two white-colored chairs are doing their work flawlessly. You might have observed the placement of white color is solely making the look of a room appealing. We just picked up the hint, and here’s the,

#Tip 4: White Color Calms the Ambiance

This one works as a savior for the one in delusion. Always remember when in doubt, pick the white color. The combination of white and any color of natural wood is magical. Wherever you feel, there is an intersection of too much woody element, intersperse the white color in the form of painting or furniture.

House Mix-Matching The Wood Tones

For example, look at this bedroom, there are very few wooden details in the room, but they are just enough. If you look at the flooring, the color is cream, and the bed frame is of dark brown color. But did it feel pricking to your eyes? No, right? Because the white color walls are soothing the aura in a magical way. The bedsheet, pillows and walls have the essence of white in it. The rug is also doing its work impeccably.

So these were the tips to consider while mixing the different tones of the wood for home decor. And few more practices to do are,

– Keep the phrase “less is more” a key,

– don’t go nuts by picking many colors, stick with two to three tones,

– make the repetition of the single wood to harmonize every element in the room,

– last but not least, before finalizing, use the demo cards of the physical element of the forest for creating an artificial outlook of the room.

Final Call On Merging The Various Wood Tones

Now you can feel free to merge any wood tone with each other. So how many ideas are there in the back of your mind? Many, right? Consequently, we have done our part of the work as promised.

Now it’s your turn to do the remaining one. Have a look at your current room and start imaging the number of decorative designs you can layout. Then visit the furniture store and decide what will go with your solid wood flooring. Happy designing!

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