3 Marketing Strategies for Architectural Firm Advice, Good Architects Office Communication Guide

3 Marketing Strategies for Architectural Firm

22 Apr 2020

3 marketing strategies for architectural firm guide

As an architectural firm, there are lots of things that you need to consider to sell your services. Your architects firm needs to have a robust digital marketing strategy. Without it, you will not be able to maintain communication with your clients.

3 Marketing Strategies for Architects Practices

So, the question is; “How you can maintain an open communication?”. Well, there are lots of things that can work for an architects practice, such as cold calling. But some people do not like to work in this way as it can make your client turn away from you.

That is why it is essential to have some marketing strategies for your architectural firm. These strategies will help make your architecture company a known brand in the industry. The primary purpose of architecture marketing is to build your brand and let people know about it.

So, here are the three strategies for you.

Social Media

Most people underestimate the power of social media. But you should know that these social media pages can help you find new clients for your architectural firm. However, you must know how to use social media platforms properly. Making a page on social media and leave it alone is not going to help. You need to attract new followers for your architect office from the start.

Moreover, you need to implement a full social media strategy. Hence, it is essential to select the platforms carefully. You need to focus on those social media sites that are famous such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Build your network on LinkedIn and let people know about you.

What Is Your Position?

Do you know about the Ps of marketing? Well, if you know that you know as well that your position is one of the Ps. That is why; it is essential to tell the clients about you and what you can do for them. Most of the websites on the internet will give you plenty of reasons not to put this P into practice. On the other hand, those firms who had made their name put all of their effort to attract more clients. The reason why many marketers avoid it because it puts the impression that your company does not focus on the quality of work. However, you can prevent it by letting the potential clients know about your abilities and providing them with examples of your work.

Invest in Website

When it comes to market a business digitally, many companies are behind the curve. Most of the firms do not pay attention to their website. They provide only necessary details on the site, preferably using it as a brand. But they should not make this mistake.

Instead, they should focus on using it as a powerful marketing tool. It is a perfect platform to showcase your previous work. Furthermore, you can use it to host your portfolio to attract more clients.

Moreover, you should upload high-quality images on the website. Furthermore, they allow others to share these pictures on social media. You also need to focus on the design of the site as bad web design can make your visitors off.

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House V on Monaghan Farm, Lanseria, Johannesburg, South Africa
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House V Monaghan Farm - 3 Marketing Strategies for Architectural Firm
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House of the Big Arch Waterberg South Africa
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