10 reasons why a robot vacuum cleaner is a must-have

10 reasons why a robot vacuum cleaner is a must-have, Building cleaning tips, Technology appliances reduce co2 emissions

10 Reasons Why a Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a Must-Have in Modern Living Spaces

22 March 2024

10 reasons why a robot vacuum cleaner is a must-have

Modern living spaces are sleek, simple, and elegant. But the fact that they are simple does not mean they are not sophisticated or detail oriented.

Another feature of modern living spaces is customization. Stats show that most people put similar effort into personalizing and taking care of their homes, irrespective of socioeconomic status, race, or environment (source).

Why your modern space should have a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

10 reasons why a robot vacuum cleaner is a must-have

Since you pay so much attention to your living space, then you must also pay attention to your cleaning of the space. Smart vacuum cleaners offer a proficient cleaning method that syncs excellently with modern living spaces.

1. Robot vacuum cleaners represent modern methods of cleaning

Robot vacuum cleaners are really handy. You don’t have to do anything as they can charge themselves at their docking station and even empty their dustbin automatically. Indeed, they recognise when they are full and are able to get back to their dock. You canal control them from afar and set up cleaning times when you’re not around. Some models can even mop, which is a great extra feature especially if you have tiles on your floors.

They’re pet-friendly too, thanks to cameras and sensors that can spot dog poop and avoid it. Plus, they’re careful not to bump into furniture, using obstacle avoidance technology to keep everything safe and sound. The robotic vacuum cleaner is expecting to grow from 2.49 billion USD to 9.9 billion USD by 2030 (source).

2. Compact Design

One of the features of modern living spaces is useful space. Traditional vacuum cleaners do not fit well into this arrangement, because they are bulkier and take up much more space. But robot vacuum cleaners, with their compact and sleek design, fit perfectly into this arrangement. Their aesthetic appeal also models the elegance of the modern living space.  They do this while still retaining their function of keeping the house clean.

3. Efficient cleaning

There is no point in having a modern living space that is dirty and full of allergens. Robot vacuum cleaners provide the ultimate solution to clean your modern living space, in the most efficient way. With high suction power you get to remove debris, and dirt from your space. HEPA filters also help to remove allergens from the air, ensuring that the air in your modern living space is breathable and safe for you and your kids. Some models have mopping features, and hot air drying to ensure your floor is cleaned and dried at the same time.

4. Cutting Edge Features

A modern living space represents advancement and innovation, just like a robot vacuum cleaner. Having a robot vacuum cleaner shows that you are in tune with the advancements in the twenty-first century. Some of the advanced technologies that are used by automatic vacuums include navigation tech, mapping, obstacle detection and avoidance, auto emptying, surveillance cameras and Artificial Intelligence. Having a robot that can clean your house for you without your intervention is a real flex. And it is so cool to show off to your friends and family too.

5. Seamless Integration

10 reasons why a robot vacuum cleaner is a must-have

One feature of modern living spaces is that they are smart. The curtains, air conditioners, television set, refrigerators, lights, door knobs are all connected. The robot vacuum cleaner completes the picture of a perfectly smart home, where everything is done by a voice command, a single tap or click.

6. Convenience

One major distinguishing factor of modern day living is ease and convenience. Robot vacuums fit into this theme and allow you to schedule when you want to clean and eventually clean your space without your input.

7. Cost-effectiveness

Another major feature of modern living spaces is the ability to get the best within a budget and save more money in the long run. Smart vacuum cleaners are durable and would last for long while performing their functions efficiently. They also have a low maintenance cost and come in different price ranges, allowing you to select one you can afford.

8. Pet friendly

10 reasons why a robot vacuum cleaner is a must-have

Pets are also very common in modern living spaces. Hence, many of such spaces are designed with them in mind. Interestingly, robot vacuum cleaners are also pet friendly, seeing that about half of all robot vacuum cleaner owners are pet owners too. Automatic vacuums do not make so much noise that can scare your pets or make them anxious. They also have obstacle detection systems that allow them to recognize and avoid pets, so they do not suck them in while vacuuming. So, with a smart vacuum cleaner, you have a pet friendly device that is ready for use.

9. Versatile

Modern day floors come in different varieties – from tiles, to hardwood, cork, and carpets. Robot vacuum cleaners can handle them all. These automatic vacuum cleaners have different cleaning modes to switch between floors. So whatever type you have in your Modern space, robot vacuum cleaners are more than equipped to handle them.

10. Environment friendly

Modern spaces are designed to be eco-friendly spaces to reduce carbon footprint and emissions.  One study even found that automation of processes automatically leads to a reduction in co2 emissions. So robot vacuum cleaners, automating the cleaning process are contributors to reduction of co2 emissions. Besides, automatic vacuums are designed to reduce energy consumption and increase cleaning efficiency.

Today, there is a major shift from traditional living spaces, to more modern and contemporary styles, (as much as 40%) (source). Since automation is a major feature of these styles, then a robot vacuum must not be missing in the picture.

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