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When we talk about carpets – vacuum cleaners

13 Dec 2019

When we talk about carpets, think vacuum cleaners

When we talk about carpets, can vacuum cleaners be far behind? Advice

Carpets are luxury items that enhance the appeal of home interiors immensely, and stylish carpets are an integral part of home décor in its own rights. Carpets are the trending home décor item that can significantly change the looks of homes and give it an elegant appeal that spells luxury.  Carpet making methods have evolved with time. Besides the hand-woven carpets, which are prohibitively costly, machine woven synthetic carpets is now adding more style and design options that are quite affordable.

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To maintain the good looks of carpets and keep it clean for reasons of good health, regular vacuuming is the recommended practice across the world. It means that when you are buying a rug, you must also think about its proper maintenance and buy a vacuum cleaner along with it if you do not already have one at home.  Vacuum cleaners come in various types, and you must have one, preferably a vertical vacuum cleaner like the ones available at that meets the precise requirement of cleaning carpets.

Threats to carpets and health

Dirt accumulation in carpets not only vitiates the indoor environment and poses health hazards but also damage the carpet fibers and reduce its life. The sharp dirt particles behave like blades when people walk upon it as the pressure produces a grinding effect that cut carpet fibers. As a result, the carpet, if not cleaned regularly, will be a wasteful investment as it will never last long.

Frequency of vacuuming

Professional carpet cleaning once a year helps to maintain carpets in good condition, but unless you vacuum it regularly, the professional cleaning would be too much costly. To save cost and preserve carpets in the healthy condition, you must vacuum it regularly at least once a week so that dirt particles do not settle deep inside the carpet fibers. This will ease the process of annual carpet cleaning by professional cleaners.

Upright vacuum cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners are most suited for cleaning carpets because these are handy, lightweight, and easy to use, which make these the most popular cleaning appliances.  Despite its limitations as compared to other types of vacuum cleaners, new designs and innovations have enhanced the effectiveness of this equipment for cleaning carpets and floors.  An upright vacuum cleaner makes the life of homeowners much easy if they have carpets and rugs at home.

The ideal equipment

The upright cleaners are suitable for cleaning carpets because the rotating brushes can efficiently extract dirt and dust from carpets. Some cleaner models use a separate motor to rotate the brush-rolls.  When cleaning bare floors, you can switch off the rotating brushes. The equipment comes with a safety arrangement that shuts down the motor in case the brush-rolls get jammed.

Upright vacuum cleaners come with adjustable height settings that enable controlling the airflow so that it is useful on different kinds of surfaces. By adjusting a lever or knob, you can lower or raise the head height.

Some new models come with an electronic automatic height adjustment mechanism, which makes the operation even easier.

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