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10 Interesting Real Estate Fun Facts From Around The World

25 Nov 2019

10 Interesting Real Estate Facts

From the wacky to the exciting to the awe-inspiring, there are some interesting real estate facts out there that will have you thinking differently about houses. Can you guess which metal wards off germs to keep your doors clean? How about the robber who would free hundreds of their real estate debt?

10 Interesting Real Estate Fun Facts From Around The World

Whether you want to invest in real estate, or if you have already made the decision and you are just doing your research about property investing, you’ll definitely find the following real estate facts both fascinating and entertaining. Read on for more.

  1. Scottish red doors

If you ever see a house with a red door in Scotland that means the homeowner has paid off their mortgage. This tradition dates back millennia and is believed to have been inspired by the Hebrews who would paint their doors red to ward off the angel of death. Feng Shui practitioners believe that a red door attracts good energy into the space and it’s a trend that’s sure to continue, even with the advent of modern houses.

  1. The history of housewarming parties

Have you ever wondered why housewarming parties are called thus? That’s because when this tradition started, neighbors and well-wishers of the new home owner would bring firewood and light fires all over the home. This would heat up the space while purifying it to protect against evil spirits. Click here for paranormal investigation supplies

It was believed that unoccupied houses attracted evil spirits, so it was necessary to light fires in order to ward off that negative energy.

  1. Clean doorknobs

Why are brass doorknobs so popular? Because they’re self-cleaning and can disinfect themselves with ease. This makes them a low-maintenance solution for homeowners and it doesn’t hurt that they last so long as well.

This is all thanks to the oligodynamic effect inherent in brass metal which is highly toxic to fungi, germs, viruses and spores. Within 8 hours, brass is able to eliminate these and other viruses from the doorknob, leaving it safe to touch without worrying about infection.

  1. The curious case of the frugal billionaire

Although he’s one of the richest men in the word, Warren Buffet still resides in a home he paid $31, 500. 00 for in 1958. Not only that, but he hasn’t made any marked refurbishments to the house and it’s still the same size it was when he bought it all those decades ago. Talk about frugal living.

  1. The Robbin Hood of mortgage debt

A famous robber from the Great Depression era known as Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd is said to have been the real-life Robin Hood of his time. He would liberate people from mortgage debt by destroying heaps of mortgage documents every time he robbed a bank.

  1. Ghost Buster much?

In New York City U.S.A., there’s a law which requires property sellers to disclose of any paranormal activity present in the home. This includes any suspicion or evidence of a ghost who might be haunting the property.

  1. Quick work

It looks like China has found yet another innovative way to solve its overpopulation problem. Apparently, Chinese builders are able to make quick work of skyscraper construction thanks to a technique that involves the use of prefabricated modules. This allows construction workers to put up a 30-story structure within 15 days. Pretty impressive.

  1. Priciest real estate in the world

If you were to guess which city in the world has the most expensive real estate, what would it be? Well, the answer might surprise you because it’s Hong Kong, China. Yep, and this is mainly because the city has a large concentration of massive homes, whose measurements range from 5, 200 square feet for the average home, to 11, 000 square feet for a luxury apartment.

  1. Roller coaster tours

In a bid to encourage potential buyers to tour his open house, a real estate agent in Ermelo, Netherlands came up with the brilliant idea to put a roller coaster that goes through the house. We can’t imagine a more exciting and fun way to tour a house!

  1. The most expensive house in the world

While China might hold the title for having the largest concentration of expensive real estate in the world, India holds the record for having the most expensive single family home. The 27-floor skyscraper is home to Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest man, and it boasts 600 maintenance staff and six floors dedicated to car storage and parking!

Interesting Real Estate Facts From Around The World

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