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post updated 15 May 2021

Urh Arhitekti – Latest Design

National Forensic Laboratory
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Date: 2010-
Design: Urh Arhitekti, Slovenia

The National Forensic Laboratory in Ljubljana is a building subordinate to laboratory processes and safety requirements. Here the design is literally in co-existence with the function. The »wrongly« turned screens to the north, e.g., provide protection against the view from the road. The segments of the house cut »like bread« are adapted to the (too) small, irregularly shaped lot. The »concrete curtain« prevents access but is a stylised repetition of the facade. The »unnoticeable« pent roof serves as a single solar generator.

National Forensic Laboratory Slovenia by Urh Arhitekti
image from architectural practice

The construction started in 2010, the building will be completed in 2012.

Client: Ministry of the Interior
Location: Vodovodna cesta, Ljubljana
Site area: 3,030 sqm
Building area: 1,620 sqm
Total floor area: 5,400 sqm
Storeys: basement + ground floor + 2 storeys
Architecture: project leaders – Bruno Urh, Carmen Urh colaborators – Ines Sadl

Urh Arhitekti – Recent Building

Veronika’s Triangle
Location: Kocevje, Slovenia
Dates built: 2005-07

The exceptional macro-location at a bend in the river and the extremely demanding triangular micro-location conditioned the “blade-like” design of the sharp multi-residential facility. The triangular ends of the facade are exploited as glasshouses – terraces. The corners are stressed in the shape of a saw.

Veronika's Triangle Slovenia Veronika's Triangle
photos : Carmen Urh

Type: Housing
Client: Gramiz d.d.
Location: Podgorska ulica, Kocevje
Site area: 2,500 sqm
Building area: 1,470 sqm
Nr. of apartments: 14
Storeys: ground floor + 4 storeys
Architecture: project leaders – Bruno Urh, Carmen Urh colaborators – Maja Kovacic, Ines Sadl, Ines Kosec

More Urh Arhitekti projects online soon

Location: Eipprova 9a 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, central eastern Europe

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Urh Arhitekti – Chair Design

Interesting chair design from 2011:

‘Chair for Janez Suhadolc’
Design: Bruno Urh

The chair is made for the top designer of chairs, Janez Suhadolc. Since Suhadolc likes to ride a bicycle, the chair has the smooth lines of a bicycle.

Urh Arhitekti chair design Urh Arhitekti chair
images : Urh Arhitekti

The balance, the seat and the base are subordinated to the old idea of Picasso and together symbolise a bull – aggressive and powerful, as you have to be if you want to succeed in the business world, especially perhaps in design.

Website: www.urharchitects.com

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