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post updated 6 Apr 2021

Major Building by Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos

added 18 Jan 2012
Pabellón Cultural de la República, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur
Pabellón Cultural de la República Los Cabos Baja California Sur México design by Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos
photograph : Juan Pablo Serrano O.
Pabellón Cultural de la República – major building design by this firm
This amazing group of buildings was designed by Juan Pablo Serrano Orozco and Rafael Monjaraz Fuentes in association with Serrano Arquitectos Asociados. The construction started in 2009 and it is located in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México, located in front of the bay in an area of 55,700 sqm.

Recent Design Added by Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos

added 13 Jan 2012
Oficinas Ogilvy, México City
Design: BIOMAH + SerranoMonjaraz Arquitectos
Oficinas Ogilvy Mexico design by Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos
photograph from architects practice
Oficinas Ogilvy
The new offices, of one of the most awarded advertisement agencies in the world, resemble a gear in perfect synchrony.

Key Projects by Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos

Featured Buildings by Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos, alphabetical:

13 Jan 2012
Casa LB, México City
Casa LB  design by Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos
photograph : Pedro Hiriart
Casa LB
The house was constructed on a lot of 15 x 32 m with two upper floors and a basement. From almost every point there are magnificent views of the garden and teak terrace.

13 Jan 2012
Casa Tierra, México, D.F.
Casa Tierra
photograph : Pedro Hiriart
Casa Tierra
Casa Tierra is the result of the perfect balance and combination of all the available materials and technologies to design a flexible and energy saving environment. Architectonic knowledge and aesthetical experience result in house that closes the circle.

13 Jan 2012
Puerta Alameda, Mexico City
Puerta Alameda México
photograph : Pedro Hiriart
Puerta Alameda
The renovation of the down town areas in important big cities is a phenomena that has been giving new life for the inhabitants and visitors, as well as opportunities to architects around the world.

More Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos buildings online soon

Location: Mexico City, Mexico, North America

Mexico City Architects Practice Information

Mexican Architects

Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos is an architecture firm founded in Mexico City in 1992. Their goal is the development of architectonic spaces in which quality is achieved by the correct use of the materials and light as a creative element.

Being the space their raw material, architects Juan Pablo Serrano Orozco and Rafael Monjaraz Fuentes, show their capability and performance in every architecture field with the support of multidisciplinary teams. A great number of their projects have received important awards in Mexico and abroad.

Their structure and professionalism has given them the opportunity to work in association with important architecture firms and architects. They have been invited to national and international competitions and they actively participate shaping and promoting architecture.

For Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos architecture is their way to collaborate in the development of a better urbane context, because the correct design of the architectonic spaces is the only way to create better cities. In the last 20 years they have seen how one of the mayor cities in the world keeps on growing and they have the fortune to have been part of many of these important changes.

They are in the constant pursue of the perfect combination between form and structure that strengths their experience. Their learning process is nurtured by their experience as students, associates and owners of their firm, resulting in the practice they have in the architecture field.

Everything that they learn in their activities and travels is applied to their projects in the most sensible way. Light, materials and technology are balanced in each space to create the perfect communion between the user and the architecture that surrounds him. Sensibility to ecology balance has been present in their work since the early days, as they consider that sustainability is not a trend, but the only way to make better architecture.

Architectural Identity
by Juan Pablo Serrano Orozco
Mexico City Architecture Design
“Architecture has been a very important ingredient of my life. I am part of a family that has 4 generations of architects that have been importantly involved in the development of Mexico City….”.

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Terraza / Rancho Sierra AllendeSan Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato
Architects: fabián m escalante h | arquitectos
Terraza / Rancho Sierra Allende, Guanajuato, México
photograph : Jorge Succar
Terraza / Rancho Sierra Allende, Guanajuato

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