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Ted Cullinan – Contemporary Architecture Practice London: Design Office England, UK

23 Sep 2021

Cullinan Studio Architects

Cullinan Studio Architects News

Prof Lord Bhattacharyya Building, Coventry, West Midlands, Central England, UK
Prof Lord Bhattacharyya Building Coventry
photograph © Nick Hufton
Prof Lord Bhattacharyya Building Coventry
This project is of a consistently high standard throughout. The brief for the project was complex in bringing together academic and industry research in the same building together to foster innovation and collaboration.

12 Nov 2019

Edward (Ted) Cullinan 1931 – 2019

RIBA Gold-medal winner Ted Cullinan dies aged 88

Edward Cullinan
photo © Simon Warren

Reacting to the death of Ted Cullinan, RIBA President, Alan Jones, said:

“Architecture has lost a pioneer. Ted will be sorely missed and fondly remembered for the incredible contribution he made to architecture and society. He was a radical thinker, well ahead of his time on environmental issues and building sustainably. I am pleased that Ted was presented with UK architecture’s highest accolade during his lifetime – the 2008 Royal Gold Medal – in recognition of his immense talent and leadership.

Not only did Ted shape our landscape – leaving behind dozens of ground-breaking buildings – but he inspired the next generation as one of the great teachers of our times, inspiring thousands of students and colleagues with his enthusiasm, energy and boundless knowledge. Our thoughts are with Ted’s family, friends and colleagues.”

10 Aug 2016

Edward Cullinan Architects – Latest Designs + News

Holy Cross Primary School Building, Wiltshire, Southwest England, UK
Date built: 2016
Holy Cross Primary School Swindon Building
photograph of building
Holy Cross Primary School Building

BFI Master Film Store, Warwickshire, England, UK
Date built: 2011
BFI Master Film Store
photograph : Edmund Sumner
BFI Master Film Store – 1 Sep 2011

John Hope Gateway, Edinburgh, Scotland
Date built: 2010
John Hope Gateway
photograph : Paul Raftery
John Hope Gateway
Major architectural award for John Hope Gateway Centre at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 25 Nov 2010
The John Hope Gateway Centre named Public Building Architect of the Year award in the Architect of the Year Awards.

Maggies Centre, Newcastle, England
Date built: 2010
Maggies Northeast
picture from architects studio
Maggies Northeast

John Hope Gateway Award
Best Building in Scotland – shortlisted, 2 Nov 2010

Edward Cullinan Architects – Key Projects

Ted Cullinan – Building News

Petra Visitor Centre, Jordan
Date built: 2007-
Petra Visitor Centre
picture from architect
Petra Architecture : Jordanian building

ECA – Featured Projects

Gridshell, Weald & Downland Museum, Sussex, England
Date built: 2002
Downland Gridshell Sussex
picture from architect
Downland Gridshell

Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland
Date built: 2007-
John Hope Gateway Botanic Garden design by Edward Cullinan Architects
picture : Paul Raftery
John Hope Gateway Botanic Garden : Scottish building

Archaeolink Prehistory Park, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Date built: 1997
Archaeolink design by Edward Cullinan Architects
image from architects practice
Archaeolink Prehistory Park : earth building

Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Maths Campus off Clarkson Rd, West Cambridge, England
Date built: 2003
Maths Campus Cambridge
building photo © Adrian Welch

St John’s College Building – Chapel Court, off St John’s St, Cambridge, Southeast England
Dates built: 1990-94
St John's College Buildings Cambridge design by Edward Cullinan Architects
building photo © AW
St John’s College

Fountain’s Abbey Visitor Centre, Ripon, Yorkshire, Northern England
Date built: 1993
Fountains Abbey Visitor Centre design by Edward Cullinan Architects
picture © Adrian Welch
Fountains Abbey Visitor Centre

Faculty of Divinity Building, University of Cambridge – Sidgwick Site, Cambridge, England
Date built: 2000
Faculty of Divinity Cambridge design by Edward Cullinan Architects
building photo © AJW
Faculty of Divinity Building Cambridge
Unlike Ted Cullinan’s St John’s College Library this building feels a bit flimsy. Costing £8m and a winner of a RIBA Award the style is lightweight and softly innovative with plenty of layering from brise soleil and a light palette.

More projects by Edward Cullinan Architects online soon

Buildings by Edward Cullinan Architects, no images, alphabetical:

Haymarket Goods Yard, Edinburgh, Scotland

Haymarket Goods Yard design by Edward Cullinan Architect
picture from architect
Edward Cullinan Architects – competition entry

Lambeth Community Care Centre, Monkton St, southeast London, UK
Date built: 1980-85
£1m approx. building cost

Masterplan for National Forest, England
Date: 2006-

Purcell School Extension, Bushey, Hertfordshire, England
Date built: 2007

Queens’ College – Cripps Court Entry – New Entry onto Silver St, Cambridge, England
Date: 2006-

St Marys Church, Church Rd, Barnes, London SW13
Date built: 1984

Singapore Management University – Phase 1, Singapore
Date built: 2005/06

Stonehenge Visitors’ Centre, England
unbuilt, mired in controversy and bureaucracy

Location: London, south east England, UK

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