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post updated 2 October 2022

Dietmar Feichtinger News

Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes News

2 Oct + 28 Sep 2022
Anne-de-Bretagne bridge in Nantes, Nantes, France
Pont Anne-de-Bretagne Nantes
image courtesy of architects practice
Pont Anne-de-Bretagne Nantes
The bridge, which will be extensively planted with vegetation and will be based on the existing bridge to provide a space up to three times wider. It will accommodate a square, promenade areas, a garden, soft traffic lanes and the tramway that will serve the future university hospital.

Campus CEA Paris-Saclay, Neuroscience Institute, south of Paris, France
Design: Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes together with Celnikier & Grabli Architectes
Campus CEA Paris-Saclay Neuroscience Institute Building
photo © David Boureau
Campus CEA Paris-Saclay, Neuroscience Institute
The “Plateau de Paris-Saclay” is the upcoming major elite university campus in France. It is the French answer to American universities such as Columbia and Harvard. Situated twenty kilometers south of Paris an international center for technological research is being built on this campus. Over the long-term, nearly three thousand billion euros have been earmarked for this purpose.

l’Aldilonda, Bastia, Corsica
l'Aldilonda Promenade Bastia
photo © David Boureau
l’Aldilonda Promenade, Bastia

19 Nov 2020
Groupe Scolaire Dunoyer de Segonzac, Antony, Antony, Hauts-de-Seine, southern suburbs of Paris, France
Groupe Scolaire Dunoyer de Segonzac, Antony
photo © David Boureau
In order to fit in with the urban structure, to obtain as much space as possible for the courtyards and optimal sunlight for the classes, the building follows the limits of the site. Natural daylight, open, bright rooms, a large amount of freedom of movement and direct access to the outdoors were essential planning criteria.

The Station by the Sea, Oostende, Belgium
Station by the Sea Oostende
photo : David Boureau
The Station by the Sea in Oostende
It is more than a hundred years since King Leopold II had the current Ostend station built. A bourgeois building with a magnificent architecture, worthy of the “queen of seaside towns”.

20 Sep 2019
New footbridge over the high-speed train station, Laval, Mayenne department, western France
Train Station Footbridge in Laval, Mayenne by Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes
photo : David Boureau
New footbridge over the high-speed train station in Laval
With the opening of the new high-speed rail and its various urban planning functions, the ZAC “Laval à Grande Vitesse” from the station area, is making an economic pole of the city and its metropolitan area.

29 Jul 2016
Upcoming completed projects in Autumn 2016

Veolia Headquarters, Porte d’Aubervillers, Paris, France

The dynamics and future urban density of this new neighbourhood, as well as the orientation of the site, the vastness of the sky and the proximity to the water are the prerequisites for the implementation of the project.

The aim is to create a modern working environment that gives this special place a strong identity, in particular by linking architecture and landscape.

Veolia Headquarters, Porte d'Aubervillers

With eight levels of superstructure and three of infrastructure, the project does not exceed the limits of the plot. Towards Avenue Victor Hugo, the project presents a strong urban façade which participates actively in the urban development and serves at the same time as an acoustic barrier. In the East, the volume opens towards the water, revealing its interior spaces. The withdrawals in the higher levels correspond on the one hand to urban regulation, but also to the desire of bringing more sun and natural light into the building.

The garden develops on three levels and offers different atmospheres. The three outdoor areas are inspired by natural environment, yet they are part of a precious landscaping design concept that offers refreshing green islands. The garden in the courtyard serves as a background for the visual continuity with the channel and guarantees a visual depth.

Client: CI 68 Victor Hugo
Landscape planning: Vogt Landscape Architects
Start planning: 01 | 2013
Start construction: 03 | 2014
Completion: 07 | 2016
Surface: 48 300 m²


10 social housing units and retail space
Client: RIVP Paris
Completion: 08 | 2016
Surface: 881,3 m²


Client: Lycée Français de Vienne
Completion: 10 | 2016
Surface: 350 m² extension


Client: Ports Normands Associés
Completion: 09 | 2016
Total length: 127 m
Moveable section: 24 m

11 May 2016

Dietmar Feichtinger – Latest Buildings

Université de Provence à Aix-en-Provence – Nature instead of Technology, France
Aix University
photograph : Sergio Grazia
Université de Provence à Aix-en-Provence
The architect’s concept strives for a close relationship to the existing buildings. Erected in the 1960s these buildings are characterised by a striking architectural signature: an emphatic repetition of arcades that produces a compressed vertical rhythm.

5 Dec 2015
Headquarters LMH, north east France
New Headquarters Lille Métropole Habitat
photos : David Boureau
New Headquarters Lille Métropole Habitat
The new headquarters for the social housing organization in the metropolitan area of Lille, LMH, is located on the boulevard Gambetta in Tourcoing, a major road connecting Lille and its surrounding communities.

9 Jan 2012
Danube University, Krems, Austria
Danube University Krems Building
photo : Barbara Feichtinger
Danube University Krems
The building programme for the new campus includes the erection of a new university of applied sciences, a film gallery with a study centre, an auditorium, a library as well as numerous other facilities for the existing and rapidly expanding Danube University.

6 Jan 2012
ZAC Claude Bernard, Paris, France
ZAC Claude Bernard Building
photograph : David Boureau
ZAC Claude Bernard
The apartments are laid out on a grid of 3m20 and offer a multitude of types from studios to large 4/5 room apartments. One of the major topics has been the possible evolution by combining the apartments and adapting them to new situations over generations. The plan, composed of modules allows to reorganize and to resize the apartments.

8 Oct 2012
Le Mont-Saint-Michel Causeway, north west France
Design: Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes
Le Mont-Saint-Michel Causeway
image : Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes
Le Mont-Saint-Michel Causeway
“Mont St-Michel derives all its strength from the landscape in which it stands erect, as the only point of intensity in the infinite flatness of the sands, neither truly an island nor really a peninsula. The one imperative of the project was not to disturb the spirit of the place in connection with this ambiguous status and the lack of landmarks or scale. Visitors must continue to be lost in contemplation.

2 Aug 2011
Passerelle Valmy, Paris, France
Passerelle Valmy Footbridge
photo : David Boureau
Valmy Footbridge
Linking the west part of the Parisian financial district La Défense with the city of Nanterre via the recently erected high rise building “Tour Granite”, this 90 m long footbridge winding through a dense architectural tissue is a modern urban promenade based on an ambitious structural concept.

Feichtinger Architectes : Practice Information

Key Projects by Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes

Verkaufs- und Finanzzentrale voest alpine Stahl Gmbh, Austria
Financial and commercial department of Voest Alpine Stahl GmbH
Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes
Voest Steelworks Building
photo © Josef Pausch
Voest Steelworks Offices
Office building for Voest Alpine in Linz, Austria by Architect Dipl.-Ing. Dietmar Feichtinger
The new building and the existing tower are in a dialogue that clearly defines the opposite of to the vertical element of the blue tower to the horizontal shape of the new sales and financial center (VFZ).

Kunsthaus Weiz, southeast Austria
Kunsthaus Weiz
photo © Paul Ott
Kunsthaus Weiz
The community lacked an adequately meeting hall. Through the erection of a new fire station at the edge of Weiz a site at the heart of the town became available, directly opposite the headquarters of the local industrial giant.

Passerelle Simone de Beauvoir, Paris, France
Passerelle Simone de Beauvoir
photo : David Boureau
Simone de Beauvoir Footbridge
The pedestrian bridge with a length of 304 meters links the new districts of Paris- Bercy and Tolbiac – and at the same time the new national french library with the Park Tolbiac.

Taufkirchen School, Munich, Germany
Taufkirchen School
image from architects
Taufkirchen School
The Bilger Breustedt Elementary and Secondary school is open to nature with bright, sunny and spacious classrooms, and well-defined and readable outdoor function areas.

More design projects by Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes online soon

Location: Paris, France

Architects Practice Information

Architect office led by Architect Dipl.-Ing. Dietmar Feichtinger. Architects studio based in Paris (France) and Vienna (Austria).

Austrian architect Dietmar Feichtinger was awarded the Équerre d’Argent Prize in 2015 (which also includes Renzo Piano, Jean Nouvel and Christian de Portzamparc) and is best known for his work on the Mont-Saint-Michel bridge, the Simone-de-Beauvoir pedestrian bridge in Paris and the maritime walkway Aldilonda in Bastia. Besides having received numerous awards, Dietmar Feichtinger is a member of the Berlin Academy of Arts.

Dietmar Feichtinger Architect:
Dietmar Feichtinger Architect
photo : Christian Jungwirth

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