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post updated 2 May 2021

Cristobal Correa Ehlers – cCe arquitectos – Key Projects

cCe arquitectos Building News

2 Oct 2013
Palermo Cultural Centre, Chile
Palermo Cultural Centre Chile
image from architects practice
Palermo Cultural Centre
An intriguing building reminding me of a kind of delicious cake or an Argyle jumper. A rectilinear block is patterned in a loose diamond gridwork, with the windows slotting between the lattice.

1 Oct 2013
Cardenal Belarmino Office Building, Vitacura, Chile
Cardenal Belarmino Office Building by Cristóbal Correa Ehlers – CCE | Arquitectos
image from architects firm
Cardenal Belarmino Office Building
The design proposal for this building places brightly coloured blocks one above the other on a narrow site. The upper grass-roofed block comes to a sharp point, how usable will the space wihin be?

World Green Center Chile, Huechuraba, Santiago, Chile
Date built: 2013
World Green Center Chile
image from architect
World Green Center Chile – 8 Jul 2013
Certain factors, such as the Business District site in relation to the city, connecting roads, site location and orientation, sunlight, prevailing winds, flows and internal movements of people in the Business District, existing infrastructure, green spaces and public areas, were considered when deciding on aspects such as form, building location in the site, occupation strategy, the difference in levels, the inclined facades, the roof slope, i.e. the overall design.

More projects by Cristobal Correa Ehlers arquitectos – cCe arquitectos online soon

Location: Av. La Dehesa 181, Santiago, Chile, South America

cCe arquitectos Chile – Practice Information

Cristobal Correa Ehlers arquitectos – cCe arquitectos are based in Chile.

cCe arquitectos
photo : cCe arquitectos

Cristobal Correa Biography

Cristobal Correa Ehlers was born on March 1981 in Santiago of Chile. He studied architecture in the Andres Bello National University, doing his last year at the European University of Madrid, Spain. He finished his university career on year 2006. Then he worked in Lima, Perú, designing chapels and churches in an architecture firm called “Sacro”. After that he worked in Santiago of Chile for 3 years, and then he joined Foster + Partners in the year 2008. He worked for two years from Lord Foster´s main studio in London, in some projects that are under construction nowadays.

Cristobal Correa Ehlers Cristobal Correa Ehlers
photos : cCe arquitectos

On year 2010 he left Foster + Partners to set up his own studio “cCe arquitectos” in Santiago of Chile. Since then, he has been in charge of several projects, designing from a Masterplan to a family house, office buildings, cultural centres, industrial buildings, retail complex, etc.

Since Cristobal was at university, he demonstrated his interests in sustainability, doing his degree project with sustainability as a core concept. That same interest made him go to London to work with the masters in sustainable architecture and high standard design.

cCe arquitectos cCe arquitectos
photos : cCe arquitectos

cCe architects has a strong attachment to the sustainability and development of design through research. They are a team about 8 people, all of them with a high interest in design, sustainability, with proved experience in complex projects and with some master degree in architecture and design

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