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Bassinet Turquin Paysage – Key Project

FRAC centre backyard garden competition, Orléans, France : Second prize

The project is called Mineral Botanical, the garden is the subject of material transmutation, where mineral surface meets botanical surface.

The FRAC Centre Orléans is designed by Jakob+MacFarlane Architectes

FRAC Centre Garden Orléans by Bassinet Turquin Paysage
image from Bassinet Turquin Paysage

FRAC Centre Garden

«Turbulences» by Jakob+MacFarlane integrates into the setting, taking the building’s orthogonal lines and original public space and deforming them. In this multi-angular building, formal specifications are guided by intangible considerations such as aesthetics, sunlight, empty spaces, traffic and so on.

Location: Paris, France, western Europe

Design Practice Information

Grégoire Bassinet

Grégoire Bassinet came to landscape architecture through garden design.

After graduating from ENSP in 2005, he favoured long-term professional projects. He handled their operational management, from the design and consultation phases to the implementation and work site supervision phases.

Mr Bassinet has demonstrated his methodological approach as project manager of complex urban renovation programmes with the agency AxP Urbicus, at the Neuville-sur-Oise campus, the Cherpines plain in Geneva and the Chaperon Vert district in Arcueil with the agency TN+.

Thanks to his pragmatic vision of landscape design and hands-on experience, he can rapidly gauge projects and adjust his design concept to meet technical requirements and handle political and financial contingencies. His extensive knowledge of botany and natural processes, along with his expertise in agricultural and construction techniques, enhance every project with his adaptability and high standards.

Rémy Turquin

Rémy Turquin came to landscape architecture through drawing.

With a degree from ENSP in 2005, he has worked on major international projects (Paris Philharmonic, Waterfront City in Dubai, London 2012 Olympic Village, etc.) with leading architecture, urban development and landscape design agencies. With Ateliers Jean Nouvel, he took a sensitive and contextualist approach to architecture, while at OMA, he focused his energy on suburban projects. Then with the Swiss landscape architect Gunther Vogt, he struck the intellectual synthesis of these two schools.

Thanks to his management of cross-disciplinary teams, competence in graphic communication techniques and the generous vision he brings to projects, he has gained experience with various design processes and broadened his expertise in landscape architecture.

With his knowledge of the different aspects of space design, Mr Turquin is capable of working on all types of projects. Through his sensitivity to the environment, existing ecosystems always play a role. Inventiveness and rigour continuously fuel his work.

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