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post updated 9 July 2021

Arkthing – Key Projects

Major Arkthing Design:

The Icelandic Opera – The national opera in Iceland
Date built: 2008-
Design: Arkthing
Icelandic Opera House design by Arkthing Architects
picture from architect studio
Icelandic Opera design : Icelandic Opera International architectural competition win
Arkitema and Arkthing wins the international architectural competition for The Icelandic Opera – The national opera in Iceland aquires a new shining opera house with views to elf hill and the surrounding town. When building in Iceland up to the elf hill Borgarholt it demands a special in depth understanding of Iceland’s history.

A completely new opera house for the Icelandic national opera deserves a building with presence and grace, a new cultural landmark for Reykjavik. Arkitema and Arkthing’s winning proposal takes its concept based on these premises and has created a building both to the Opera, the elves, the capital’s residents and the town of Kopavogur in Reykjavik.

More buildings by Arkthing online soon

Location: Bolholt 8, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland, northern Europe

Reykjavík Architect Practice Information

Reykjavík Architect studio – information from Arkthing

Icelandic Opera
picture from architect

Office Address:
Bolholti 8 – 105 Reykjavík, Iceland

Phone: 354 570 5700 Fax 354 570 5701 E-mail [email protected]

Practice Directors:
Arkþing´s owners:
Sigurður Hallgrímsson – Architect FAÍ
Hjörtur Pálsson – Constructing architect BFÍ
Guðrún Ingvarsdóttir – Architect FAÍ
Þórður Þorvaldsson – Architect FAÍ

International Collaboration
The company has from its establishment created successful collaborations with other
consultants. In 2002 a step was taken to further strengthen the cooperation with the
Danish architects Arkthing K/S when a Letter of Intent was signed between the two

Moreover, Arkthing has established a successful relationship with its clients as well, in particular foreign identities, such as:

• US Navy – Nato Base, Keflavik Airport
• British Embassy, Reykjavik, Iceland
• German Embassy, Reykjavik, Iceland,
serving these clients for several years.

Environmental Planning
Arkþing emphazises and has implemented environmentally friendly planning in its projects. Prior to each design stage of a project the environment is carefully evaluated, thus the design reckons the connection between the structure and the environment.

Quality Management
Quality management within the company is based on its organizational structure, division of responsibilities and duties as well as the work procedures employed. For its internal quality control, in particular for handling drawings and other documents effectively the company uses the Conisius® quality management

Icelandic Architecture Designs

Iceland Architectural Designs

Iceland Architecture Designs – chronological list

Aldin Biodomes, Reykjavik
Design: WilkinsonEyre
Aldin Biodomes Reykjavik Iceland Architecture News
image Courtesy architecture office
Aldin Biodomes in Reykjavik
Planning permission has been granted for a major biodome complex in the Reykjavik region designed by WilkinsonEyre, working alongside a talented local design team.

The Icelandic bank, Landsbankinn, Reykjavik
Design: C.F. Møller Architects and Arkthing
The Icelandic Bank Landsbankinn in Reykjavik
image Courtesy architecture office
The Icelandic bank, Landsbankinn in Reykjavik

Icelandic Architecture

Architecture Studios

Reykjavik University building by Henning Larsen Architects

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