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I Amsterdam Photo : Architecture

City Branding in The Netherlands – Architectural Sculpture Holland: Museumplein Logo

post updated 27 Apr 2024

Location: northeast side of the Museumplein, close to Van Gogh Museum

I Amsterdam Photo, Netherlands Sculpture
photograph © Adrian Welch

Closest street: Honthorststraat

I Amsterdam Photos

Landscape elements within the Museumplein:

In an effort to regain the city’s position as a top tourism destination, the I Amsterdam campaign was born to serve as both a motto and as a new brand for the city.

I Amsterdam I Amsterdam I Amsterdam
photos © Adrian Welch

Although Amsterdam was one of the top ten tourist destinations in Europe for many years following the Second World War, by the start of this century the city had lost its place at the top due to increased competition from other tourist-friendly destinations in Europe. In response to this problem, a private-public partnership was formed to rebrand the Dutch capital city with a new city marketing campaign and in September of 2004 the “I Amsterdam” campaign was hatched to serve as a motto and as a new brand for the city.

I Amsterdam Architectural Sculpture Holland - Museumplein Logo
photos © AW

Recognizing that the level of cultural awareness of a city is heavily shaped by media and marketing, the public-private partnership called Amsterdam Partners was formed to market the city and to expand cultural awareness by focusing on the three main core values of their city identified as creativity, innovation, and the spirit of commerce. The goal was to spread awareness about the virtues of the city and let people in other countries know that Amsterdam was not just about the sex trade, open drug use and the canals, and instead that the city was also a great place to live and work, and to visit as well of course.
source: http://amsterdam.com/what-is-i-amsterdam

Location: Museumplein, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, western Europe


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Context to this Dutch architectural sculpture – physical Museumplein logo : The Rijksmuseum building
The Rijksmuseum
photograph of existing building

Restaurant Felix
Design: i29 interior architects
Restaurant Felix architecture
photograph : Ewout Huibers
Restaurant Felix Interior
Restaurant Felix is located in the Historical Felix Meritis building. It is a one of a kind setting.

Karavaan, Kwakersplein, Amsterdam West
Design: Studio Modijefsky
Karavaan Restaurant Kwakersplein
photograph : Maarten Willemstein
Karavaan Restaurant in Kwakersplein
The architects have ranslated the ‘journey of a caravan’ into a bar and restaurant concept in the brightest corner of Kwakersplein.

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