Jefferson Hall Library, West Point, Learning Center

Jefferson Hall Library, Learning Center America, USMA Building Project Design Photo

Jefferson Hall-USMA Library and Learning Center

West Point, Hudson Valley Campus design by STV with Holzman Moss Architecture, USA

Mar 13, 2009

United States Military Academy

New York State, USA

West Point Builds A Commanding New Library And Learning Center For The Information Age

(Jefferson Hall is the First New Academic Building on Campus in over 35 Years)
13th of March 2009

Design: STV with Holzman Moss Architecture

Jefferson Hall Learning Center

Beginning September 2008, West Point, the nation’s oldest service academy, will have a state-of-the-art new library and learning center on the United States Military Academy’s fabled Hudson Valley campus, a National Historic Site. The $62-million, 141,000-square-foot building, Jefferson Hall-USMA Library and Learning Center, was planned and designed by STV in collaboration with Holzman Moss Architecture for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Jefferson Hall-USMA Library and Learning Center Jefferson Hall Library Jefferson Hall Learning Center Jefferson Hall Learning Center
Photos: Tom Kessler

Jefferson Hall Library

A New Learning Platform for Cadets

Jefferson Hall provides for a highly responsive learning “platform” for future growth, by bringing together the Cadet Library, the Center for Teaching Excellence and the Center for Enhanced Performance.

The CTE provides faculty instructional spaces that are at the forefront of new academic learning styles, while the CEP seeks to assist cadets with improved learning techniques and problem-solving methods.

Interactive learning centers, group study, technology-rich classrooms, and 900 individual study spaces will emphasize the integration of a variety of teaching and learning tools and foster student-faculty interaction. The library will also serve as a repository for more than one-million books and other materials.

Bringing Military Gothic Into the 21stCentury

Divided into three masses with step-backs echoing the form of surrounding structures, the six-story granite and glass building advances West Point’s, 19th-century Military Gothic style into the 21stcentury. 1,586 tons of granite clad the entire building. Hand-tooled stone block mined from the same quarry as adjacent structures clad the two end towers, and design details such as sandstone window surround, a three-dimensional West Point arch at the main entry, and double-height windows echo similar features found in neighboring buildings designed by Bertram Goodhue, Ralph Adam Cram, and Paul Cret.

In keeping with West Point tradition, Jefferson Hall’s two end towers are composed of granite blocks — a rusticated, rugged material found on many other academy buildings. Centered between the towers is a full-height curtain wall comprised of blast-resistant glass and precast concrete mullions, which frames unparalleled views of the campus, bluff, and river beyond.

Additional design elements include amber-colored glass brick to filter light into an archival area partially below grade, and exposed structural clay tile walls to bring warmth to the entry lobby and collection areas. Enclosed spaces including collections, individual reading areas, and library support spaces located within the towers are offset by panoramic vistas of “the Plain” and the Hudson River farther afield, while expansive windows found throughout public reading areas, study areas, and meeting rooms in the glazed core make library activities visible from various vantage points on campus.

The building has achieved a bronze rating under the Army’s SPiRiT program – the equivalent of a LEED certified, green-design rating.

Jefferson Hall Learning Center Jefferson Hall Learning Center Jefferson Hall Learning Center Jefferson Hall Learning Center
Photos: Tom Kessler

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Location: 606 Thayer Rd, West Point, NY, USA

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