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5 questions before hiring a roofer in West Palm Beach

July 24, 2020

5 questions before hiring a roofer in West Palm Beach

The cost of repairing or replacing a roof is so much that it might be termed ‘financial suicide’ to redo a roofing job after failing the first time. Doing a roofing job twice usually occurs if the homeowner did not learn all that there is to know about the roofer he/she wants to employ. And the only way to know this is by asking questions by asking the necessary questions.

Asking the right questions before hiring a roofer saves time and avoids unnecessary stress on a homeowner. The questions to be asked should cover topics on cost, job time frame, insurance, and warranty, and perhaps how the job will be done. The last question is usually asked by people who have a knowledge of roofing, but anybody can ask the other questions.

This article will highlight five essential questions you should ask a roofer before hiring him/her to avoid having to carry out a roof repair or replacement twice. We will also highlight the answers you should expect when you ask these questions, and we will also point out warning signs that you should look out for. Let’s get started.

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5 questions to ask before hiring a local roofer.

  1. How long will it take the roofer to finish the roofing job: when you want to hire a roofer, you should ask how long it will take the roofer to complete your roofing job. Don’t accept a vague answer like “not more than a week.” Get the specific date and time from the management or whoever is in charge. Moreover, companies like JJ Quality Builders PB it takes an average of 2 – 7 days to complete a roofing job. Therefore, if the roofer says he/she will finish the job in more than a week, ask him/her to explain what will make him/her spend that length of time on your roof.
  2. Ask for the location of the roofer’s company: many homeowners have been scammed by out-of-town roofers that wander about in vans after a windstorm, asking to repair their damaged roofs. Most of those out-of-town roofers collect full payment for the job and just disappear into thin air with the excuse of going to bring their workers and work implements. Some of the honest out-of-town roofers do a job that looks perfect at first, but when a repair comes up during their warranty years, they don’t usually come back to fix it.

    Let’s face it, a roofer whose physical office location is not close to your home might not find it economical to travel the distance needed to repair your roof again when you won’t pay him, that’s what warranty is all about, right? On the other hand, it will also cost you much to find another roofer to clean up the mess he/she made.

In addition to that, do you know that building codes differ per country, or even per state? The laws protecting roofing employees on the occasion of an accident and the general building and roofing laws may be different if a roofer’s company is physically located in another country or state. Also, long-distance weakens customer care service. Therefore, a roofer that is located in your county or state is better than a far away roofer.

  1. Ask how the roofing company does away with the refuse that comes from the job: most roofing companies provide dumpsters that are used to collect all the harmful debris from a roofing job, but some of them just leave it for the homeowner to deal with. Therefore, you should ask how the refuse from the roofing job will be removed and where they will dispose of it.  Also, you should ask if you will be charged for the waste to be removed. If yes, how much will it cost you? Most roofers add this charge for their customers without telling them, some of them charge an exorbitant amount. Therefore, it is good you know how much you will be charged, and if paying them to park the refuse fits in your budget.
  2. Ask for a written estimate and how you are supposed to pay: you are advised to ask for a written estimate from more than one roofer. This will make you compare each roofer to know whose estimate fits your budget and also to know who knows the job more. Remember, the cheaper deal might not be the best.
  3. Ask if they have a warranty and how long it will last: the warranty for a roofing job is usually between 10 – 25 years. During those years, the roofer will take care of small roof damages. However, in the event of a hurricane or a massive storm, your warranty becomes void.

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