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post updated May 4, 2021

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This page contains a selection of major American home designs, with links to individual residential property project pages. We’ve selected what we feel are the key American Houses, but building additions are always welcome. e-architect select what we feel are the key examples of American Home Design.

We have 5 pages of American Residential Architecture selections with links to many individual project pages.

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New American Homes – Recent Designs

US Residential Designs, chronological:

Dec 14, 2012
Oakpass Residence, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California
Design: Heusch Inc Architecture
Oakpass Residence Beverly Hills House American Home Designs
photograph : Frederico Zignani
Oakpass Residence
Elegant Californian residence set up in the hills above LA – a “sleek modernist box wrapped in floor to ceiling glass”, 12 feet above the ground. This cleanly detailed house is set amongst oak trees and owned by the architect who designed it, lucky him!

Oct 5, 2012
Nakahouse, Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California
Design: XTEN Architecture
Nakahouse American Home Designs
photograph : Steve King
Nakahouse is an abstract remodel of a 1960’s hillside home located on a West facing ridge in the Hollywood Hills, just below the Hollywood sign. To the South and West are views of the Beechwood Canyon; to the East is a protected natural ravine, with a view of Griffith Park Observatory in the distance.

May 30, 2012
PAS House, Malibu, Los Angeles, California
Architects: Francois Perrin and Gil Lebon Delapointe
House in Malibu American Home Designs
photo : Mike Manzoori / Sam McGuire
Malibu House
The idea for the PAS House was to create a fully hybrid structure, finding the middle ground between a house and a skate park. As opposed to simply placing skateboarding elements inside a domestic environment or installing furniture inside a skate park, the notions behind the PAS House are fully integrated with the architecture.

New American Home Designs

US Residence Designs, alphabetical:

New Orleans Houses, Louisiana
Design: Graftlab
New Orleans Houses American Home Designs
image from architect

One Window house, California
Architects: Touraine Richmond Architects
One Window house Venice
photograph : Benny Chan from Fotoworks

Orange Grove Lofts, California
Architects: Pugh + Scarpa
Orange Grove Lofts United States of America
photograph : Marvin Rand

Pacific Palisades House, Los Angeles
Design: Ehrlich Architects
Carrillo Residence American Home Designs
photograph : Barry Schwartz

Princeton house, New Jersey
Design: RMJM Hillier
Princeton Residence
image from architect

Redelco Residence, Studio City, LA
Design: Brooks + Scarpa
Redelco Residence USA
photo : Marvin Rand

River House, Jamaica, Virginia
Virginia Residence USA
picture : Douglas Bothner

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