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Ate Pjeter Meshkalla, Shkodra : Albania School Building

Secondary School in Albania – design by Francesco Scardaccione

7 Feb 2013

Ate Pjeter Meshkalla Secondary School

Shkodra (Scutari), Albania

Design: Francesco Scardaccione

School Building in Albania

In 2006 project won the International Competition on calls for a school than in the city of Scutari (Albania) held by the Company of the Jesuits. The school complex is located in the center of buildable area and all areas of the relationships, the green and the various activities are open to the outside and relate directly to the city. The lot for which the intervention operates, therefore, as an “urban void” in a large plate/block city center, via the arteries of different sizes, located almost in the middle of an intersection virtual.

Ate Pjeter Meshkalla, Shkodra Albania school building

Ate Pjeter Meshkalla Shkodra school building

Ate Pjeter Meshkalla Albania school building
photos : Roberto Pierucci

In fact the buildings that make up the entire complex were arranged along the lines of connection (lines of force) that oncoming from three sides triggering inside of a batch system flows to swirl around which are organized spaces of the school.

The buildings are arranged on the area forming a sort of “semi-open court” to the main entrance, around this grow, on average, on four levels, and are distributed to all administrative, academic and educational. While the outside of this court, as the appendices, associates and detachable for use in whole or in part, are at cultural activities (conference room and auditorium), sports (indoor gym and outdoor playgrounds) and relationships (library and exhibition space). The complex is designed as a homogenous architectural body, but necessary permits partial use of certain parts.

Ate Pjeter Mashkalla Albania Ate Pjeter Mashkalla Albania Ate Pjeter Mashkalla Albania
photos : Roberto Pierucci

The new building is part of the second batch plant lies in a plane in north-south, east-west and splits into squares. In the design phase was expected that underground chapel under construction has been placed on the outside, placed under the building west of the “semi-open court”. About sustainable aspect of the work were used low-emissivity glass, materials at zero km and special systems of thermal insulation.

Area: 9,700 sqm
Building: 8,065 sqm

Ate Pjeter Meshkalla images / information from Francesco Scardaccione

Mies van der Rohe Awards 2013 – Shortlisted Building

Location:Shkodra, Albania

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