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20th Century Architecture – Modernism: Key Buildings Information + Images

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Walter Gropius Building News

Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, USA : Demolition of Walter Gropius Buildings
Michael Reese Hospital Building by Walter Gropius in Chicago
photo © GCC
Michael Reese Hospital

Major 20th Century Architecture by Walter Gropius

Buildings by architect Walter Gropius, chronological:

Fagus Factory, Alfeld an der Leine, Germany, Europe
Date built: 1911

Werkbund Exhibition – office & factory, Cologne, Germany
Date built: 1914

Bauhaus School, Dessau, Germany
Date built: 1932

The Gropius House, Lincoln, Massachusetts, USA
Date built: 1937

Harvard Graduate Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Date built: 1950

Pan Am Building, Manhattan, New York City, NY, USA
Date built: 1963

Buildings by this Modern Architect

Key Modern Buildings by this Architect – Selection

Bauhaus Building & Masters’ Houses, Dessau, Germany: Competition
Date built: 2008
Bauhaus Building by Walter Gropius Architect
photo from Bauhaus
Bauhaus Buildings

Berlin Archive Museum of Design, Berlin, Germany
Designed 1964 ; built 1976-79
Bauhaus Archiv Germany
photo © Adrian Welch
Bauhaus-Archiv Building

Interbau Apartment House, Berlin, Germany
Date built: 1957
Design by the Bauhaus founder with TAC with Wils Elbert
Interbau Apartment House by Architect Walter Gropius in Berlin
photo © AW
Hansaviertel Buildings by various celebrated 20th Century architects

Key Buildings by Walter Gropius

Buildings by this architect, chronological:

Fagus Factory, Alfeld an der Leine, Germany
Dates built: 1910-11
aka Faguswerk – shoe lace factory, famous Modern building

Werkbund Exhibition – office & factory, Cologne, Germany
Date built: 1914

Monument to the March Dead – war sculpture, Weimar, Germany
Dates built: 1919-20

Sommerfeld House, Berlin, Germany
Date built: 1921

Bauhaus School, Dessau, Germany
Dates built: 1925-32

Village College, Impington, Cambridge, south east England, UK
Date built: 1936

The Gropius House, 68 Baker Bridge Road, Lincoln, Massachusetts, USA
Dates built: 1937-38
Walter Gropius home

Aluminium City Terrace Housing, New Kensington, Pennsylvania, USA
Dates built: 1942-44

Peter Thacher Junior High School, Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA

Harvard Graduate Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Interbau Apartments, Hansaviertel, Berlin, Germany
Design: with Wils Ebert

University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq

Wayland High School, Wayland, Massachusetts, USA

United States of America Embassy, Athens, Greece
Design with Pericles A. Sakellarios

Pan Am Building, Manhattan, New York City, NY, USA
Design: with Emery Roth & Sons and Pietro Belluschi
This tall building in Midtown has since been renamed the Metlife Building.

John F. Kennedy Federal Office Building, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Tower East, Shakre Heights, Ohio, USA

Unbuilt Design

Chicago Tribune Tower Competition entry, Illinois, USA
Date of design: 1922

House Klee/Kandinsky, Dessau, Germany

Wood House, Shipbourne, Kent, England, UK
Date built: 1937
Design: Gropius and Fry
This property is for sale – Wood House, Shipbourne.
The property is Grade 2 listed, attributed to Gropius and Fry, built 1937; final construction was completed by Fry after Gropius moved to the USA.

More information about Walter Gropius architect online soon

Location: Berlin, Germany ; Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Walter Gropius Architect Practice Information

The Bauhaus founder
Known for functionalist Modernist buildings – form follows function

Walter Adolph Georg Gropius, German architect
born Berlin, Germany; died Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America

American Architect Practice

Took over the Weimar Bauhaus in 1915 after Van de Velde was asked to leave

The Architect

Walter collaborated briefly with architect Marcel Breuer, who went to London in 1935. Gropius and Breuer quickly moved to America where Gropius set up TAC – The Architecture Collaborative, joined by the brilliant engineer George Patten. Marcel taught with Gropius at Harvard. Gropius ran a studio in New York. Most of his work was in the United States of America but with some building projects in Europe, notably France.


Architect in Peter Behrens office (alongside Mies & Corb), Germany

Gropius & Meyer, Germany
Berlin architecture practice with Adolf Meyer

The Architects’ Collaborative – TAC, USA

Family Life

1st Wife: Alma Mahler, widow of Gustav Mahler; divorced 1920
Their daughter, Manon, died aged 18

2nd Wife Ise Frank, married 1923
Adopted child – Beate Gropius

Modern Architects

American Architecture

Relevant Architecture Links

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Modern Architecture

Massachusetts Architecture

AEG Turbine Factory, Berlin, Germany
Date built: 1908-09
Design: Peter Behrens
AEG Building Berlin by Peter Behrens Architect
photo © Isabelle Lomholt
Berlin Turbine building – AEG Turbine Factory by Peter Behrens

Walter was a world-famous Modern architect, and his work has parallels to that of Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier.

Architecture Studios

Haus am Horn, Weimar – World’s First Bauhaus Building

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