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SKB House in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam

24 Aug 2020

Design: Chong Chóng Architecture

Location: Lac Long Quan St., Cam An ward, Hoi An ancient town, Quang Nam province, Vietnam, Southeast Asia

SKB House Vietnam

Photos by Duong Van Mau

SKB House

A country house in the city.
The SKB House construction, of which roofs were made of Cogon grass, bears an unique environment friendly style. It not only satisfied the solution of anti-climate change but also brought an ultimate creation into the modern cosmo space.

Materials: Raw concrete, rubbed concrete, terrazzo, natural oak wood, An Cuong ply wood, Inax ceramics, cogon grass, Panasonic, Daikin, Megasun products.

SKB House Vietnam

Presentation Of Designers
The construction of 198sqm, includes of 3 main sections: Office quarter, Living room quarter and Private room quarter.

SKB House Vietnam

The living room links directly to a little bar which could flexibly be turned into training area for F&B staff.
The second floor bears an open space to the garden of which a sub-kitchen for outdoor BBQ.

SKB House Vietnam

Viewed from the air, the roof of the building is covered by 30% of cogon grass( a local grass growing wildly every corner at the countrysides of Vietnam).

The other 70% of the total area is filled with all kinds of greens: vegetables, tropical fruit trees, flowers, and Japanese grass carpets.

SKB House Vietnam design by Chong Chóng Architecture

Chong Chong Architecture has tried to untouch the natures of the plot from the day one.
In Rainy Season, the rain water would be partly kept by the garden on the second floor, the rest would be down into greens on the ground.

SKB House Vietnam by Chong Chóng Architecture

In Summer, the trees around the building would fuction as a natural air conditioning as they always do.

Vietnamese Home design by Chong Chóng Architecture

Designing Ideas And Solutions Of Heat Proof And Tropical Storm Resistance.

1. Upstair Garden Solution.
In the recent years. We all have experienced so many floods in major cities: Saigon, Hanoi and Da nang. Dozens of solution were put on the table. However, the most effective and simpliest is always partly keep rainy water for the upstair garden before absorbing to the ground.

New Vietnam home design by Chong Chóng Architecture

The upstair gardens not only keep a countable amount of rain water for the greens but also heat proofs for the whole building. This would make the house owner reduce electricity use in the house as the air-conditioner. Besides, the garden freshly ventilates the house too.

New Vietnam home design

There would be more rain in our planet which is warming up in every single day. And ofcourse, the more green roof there are, the more improved our living environment will be.

Contemporary Vietnam home design

2. Roof Solution.
Inspired by the traditional country houses of 3 section-house roofed with cogon grass which is totally environmental friendly, heat proof, easy to be built, reasonable price and completely cosy.

SKB House Vietnam

The only minus point of this cogon grass roof is not so long lasting(from 8 to 10 years). Thus we have a concrete supporting layers underneath. So the combination of cogon grass+ concrete roof shows the most effective solution in both stormy rainy season and the summer heat resistance.

SKB House Vietnam

The canopy and garden in front of the upstairs, the place where the owner can both enjoy reading and gardening. Perfect space for family time. The upstair garden would be also the fun place for kids and BBQ party at weekends.

SKB House Vietnam

“At first, I’m quite impressed” said the owner. “It brings me back to my childhood, I feel no bounderies between indoors and out, people and nature, city and countryside.”

SKB House Vietnam

Green roof tops, the best solution for Global Warming Scenario. The greener roofs are, the fresher environment will be.

SKB House Vietnam

SKB House, Quang Nam Province – Building Information

Design: Chong Chóng Architecture

Lead Architects: Nguyen Van Chuong

Completion Year: 2020
Gross Built Area: 198 sqm

Design Team: Nguyen Hoang Son, Nguyen Van Chuong, Le Thi Thanh Hien, Banh Ai Tran
Clients: Ho Thi Tram
Engineering: Ho Sy Nam
Landscape: Nguyen Van Chuong
Consultants: Nguyen Hoang Son
Collaborators: Nguyen Tan Chung

SKB House Vietnam

Photography: Duong Van Mau

SKB House in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam images / information received 240820 from Chong Chóng Architecture

Location: Lac Long Quan Street, Cam An, Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam, Southeast Asia

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