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‘Town Musicians of Bremen’, Vienna

Residential Development Austria design by ARTEC Architekten

2 Jun 2010

Terrace House Tokiostrasse

“Town Musicians of Bremen”, Vienna, Vienna

Design: ARTEC Architekten

Tokiostrasse Apartments Vienna Tokiostrasse Apartments Apartments Vienna Tokiostrasse Housing Vienna

The Town Musicians of Bremen as Terrace House

Analogous to the Town Musicians of Bremen (donkey, dog, cat, and rooster), this reinterpretation of terrace houses involves stacking different apartment types atop one another.

A variety of basic apartment types with their own designated outdoor spaces are stacked up, creating a new typology:

Ground floor: ceiling height 4.40 m, garden in front
Above it: maisonette, facing on to an atrium courtyard
Above it: 2-story row house with terrace
Above it: allotment-garden “house” and garden

Flats with double-story loggias complete the roster.

This typology is capable of assimilating the zoning restrictions; the superimposition of the actual site results in one wing oriented to the west, with double-story loggias as a buffer to the street. With its band-like filter element, the facade – soon to be engulfed in wisteria – presents itself to Tokiostrasse in high relief.

Tokiostrasse Apartments Vienna Tokiostrasse Apartments Apartments Vienna Tokiostrasse Housing Vienna

On the east side, and oriented toward the center of the site, the “stack” typology is put to work. Coupled with the second wing, which is oriented to the west, it gives rise to a sculpted courtyard space – its specificity originates in the various ways the individual terraces are planted. The orientation and spatial termination of the different apartment types provide protection from one another’s prying eyes.

The apartment building’s circulation is made up of a spacious open hall which seems to have slid in between the wings, and, on the east edge of the site, a Laubengang (both as a glazed and open veranda-like walkway, this circulation system has a long tradition in Central Europe), which protects residents from the elements, creates the building’s edge definition.

To the south and north, the wings running along the property lines and enclose the courtyard are only two stories high (the first and second stories). These apartments block neither the neighboring buildings’ sunlight nor their view, and the building massing has been modulated, to arrive at smallscale structuring. The ribbon of planting at the center of the complex is linked to the streetscape via the open ground floor zone.

Tokiostrasse Apartments Vienna Tokiostrasse Apartments Apartments Vienna Tokiostrasse Housing Vienna


The sculptural building massing is articulated to provide the apartments with a pronounced southern orientation.

Every apartment has its own adjoining outdoor space – each potentially a compact garden. In addition, the residents have access to the roof surface atop the west wing, with its green terrace, swimming pool and sun deck; the playgrounds on terraces are situated at “mid-level”, and the ground-level courtyard is a recreational area and playground, as well. A playroom faces the courtyard; another double-story, multi-purpose room is located on the first floor.

A wine cellar with earthen floor rounds out the shared spaces. Trees were planted in part of the courtyard, and the entire space was landscaped. The garage’s skylights also double as seating and illuminaires in the courtyard. All apartments are cross-ventilated; the kitchens and bathrooms receive daylight and have natural ventilation.

The building’s exterior is characterized by the atrium and its vegetation, and by terrace spaces; a high degree of permeability at street level makes the building appear to be lightweight. The arcade facing the street and the bay-windows zones offer protection from the elements and a place to play on a rainy day.

Tokiostrasse Apartments Vienna Tokiostrasse Apartments Apartments Vienna Tokiostrasse Housing Vienna

Terrace House Tokiostrasse – Building Information

Title: Terrace House Tokiostrasse, “Town Musicians of Bremen”, Vienna 1220
Client: Neues Leben Ltd., a communal residential developer-agency

Architects: ARTEC Architekten, Vienna
Bettina Götz, Richard Manahl
Assistants: Michael Ivancsics; Heinrich Büchel, Ronald Mikolics, Michael Murauer (detail planning) Wolf Deucker (model); Ronald Mikolics; Katharina Kothmiller, Irene Yerro (authority planning);
competition: Helmut Lackner, Burkhard Schelischanski; Martins Pilens (model), Ivan Zdenkovic (renderings)

Photos: ARTEC Architekten
Structural engineering: Anton Harrer, Krems; Assistant Christian Petz, Vienna
Building services planning: Johann Ernst, Olbendorf
Electricity planning: Michael Künzl, Vienna
Building physics: Rainer Stepan, Vienna
Landscape planning: Jakob Fina, Vienna

Commissioned: 2006
Completed: Feb 2010
100 flats: (social housing)
Site: 3,549 m2
Building footprint: 2,764 m2
Gross floor area: 14.859 m3
Effective area: 9.319 m2
Volume (above ground): 36.933 m3
Volume (total): 48.881 m3

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Location: Tokiostrasse, Vienna, Austria

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