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Sakura Housing in Vienna

Apartment Development in Austria – design by Nerma Linsberger, architects

30 Jan 2017

Sakura Housing

Architects: Nerma Linsberger

Location: Vienna, Austria

Sakura Housing

Sakura Housing

The property is located on a very busy intersection. An intervention in the existing building use class made possible better light and sun exposure conditions. In order to defuse the “T”-point, a V-shaped courtyard has been cut into the building. The paths to the access balcony and the ancillary areas are concentrated around the courtyard.
A passage in the East creates a pedestrian connection between Brünnerstraße and a park in the West.

Sakura Housing

Sakura Housing

Apartment structure
A large variety of apartment ground plans are made possible through the particular body structure of the building. Openness and the dynamic of the space structure may add to the diversity of housing units.

Sakura Housing Sakura Housing

B-type apartments can be put together into bigger units, each with correspondingly large sanitary facilities. It is possible to connect the rooms between the B and C-type apartments, or to merge them together.

Sakura Housing

Sakura Housing

The apartments are designed in a very compact way and are economically optimized. The flats offer the same quality and category of living by taking up less usable space.
Sakura Housing Sakura Housing

Living in a community
The project has a differentiated system of meeting and communication rooms with varying degrees of privacy, for example community rooms and a community kitchen.
The development scheme of spatial connectivity results in small and easy to manage neighborhoods.

Sakura Housing

The large diversity of free spaces strengthens the identification of the inhabitants with their residential complex. Additionally, the integration of the lower social groups in the managed apartments on the ground floor furthers the building of the community spirit and reduces prejudice.

Sakura Housing

Sakura Housing

Sakura Housing in Vienna – Building Information

Type: Social housing
Location: Vienna
Floor space: 12000 m²
Status: On site
Year: 2009-2016

Sakura Housing

Photography: Andreas Buchberger

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Nerma Linsberger ZTGMBH on e-architect

Location: Franz-Haas-Platz 6-7, Vienna, Austria

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