Venice Biennale Giardini Pavilions Proposal by RAAAF, Italian Exhibitions Images, Designs

Venice Biennale Giardini Pavilions Proposal

New Architecture in Italy design by RAAAF [Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances], NL

4 Apr 2016

Venice Biennale Giardini Pavilions

Design: RAAAF [Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances] with Marcel Moonen

An interesting – and valid – proposal from this Dutch studio:

Giardini in Silence: Metamorphosis in between art and architecture

current situation – Venice Biennale Giardini Pavilions closed:
Venice Biennale Giardini Pavilions closed

‘Giardini in Silence’ is a proposal by RAAAF [Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances] and Marcel Moonen for the annual period of absence in between the Venice art- and architecture biennales. It reclaims public space from vandalism and security companies.

For many decennia the period November-May has been vacuum in time in which the closed park looks like an urban wasteland with boarded up pavilions. With ‘Giardini in Silence’ RAAAF propose to give it back to the people for seven months a year. The Giardini could become a ‘counter-point’ in a city that is overcrowded due to mass tourism; a public space of silence and contemplation.

Venice Biennale Giardini in Silence:
Venice Biennale Giardini in Silence

Within the busy city of Venice ‘Giardini in Silence’ embraces the transition from an artistic and architectural event space to a place of absence. The metamorphosis reflects an abstraction away from the architecture and extraversion of the national pavilions with their annual statements.

The intervention creates a contemplative atmosphere on the scale of the Giardini as a whole. En passant it offers a solution for practical issues such as vandalism and the many leaking pavilions in wintertime. The surfaces, made of reinforced textile, reflect the characteristic moody climate of the lagoon in late fall, winter, and early spring.

Scandinavian Pavilion covered by RAAAF:
Venice Biennale Giardini Scandinavian Pavilion

French Pavilion covered by RAAAF:
Venice Biennale Giardini French Pavilion

Dutch Pavilion covered by RAAAF:
Venice Biennale Giardini Dutch Pavilion

This introverted metamorphosis transforms the Giardini radically, into a public space of silence and contemplation in the heart of overcrowded Venice.

RAAAF [Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances] are operating on the cross roads of Architecture, Art and Philosophy (focus on Affordances). Their project for Girdini is also funded by the Mondrian Fund for the visual arts.

Website: Venice Biennale Giardini Pavilions Proposal by RAAAF

Venice Biennale Giardini Pavilions Proposal images / information from RAAAF

Dutch multidisciplinary studio RAAAF [Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances] were also curators of the Dutch pavilion in 2010 (Vacant NL):

Venice Architecture Biennale Dutch Pavilion – ‘Vacant NL’
Venice Biennale Dutch Pavilion

Venice Biennale Giardini Pavilions – selection below:

All Giardini Pavilions photos + related images © Adrian Welch

Venice Biennale Giardini – Communal Spaces

Giardini – general views of Palazzo delle Esposizioni – La Biennale Pavilion
Venice Biennale Palazzo delle Esposizioni Palazzo delle Esposizioni Venice Biennale Pavilion Kitchen Monument

Giardini – Stirling Pavilion, by the late architect James Stirling
Venice Biennale Stirling Pavilion

Giardini exhibitions / installations – national shows arranged alphabetically:

Giardini National Exhibitions / Installations

Photo looking northwest towards the Brazilian pavilion (left) and Polish Pavilion (right)
Venice Biennale Pavilions

American Pavilion
Venice Biennale American Pavilion

Australian Pavilion
Australian Pavilion in Italy

Austrian Pavilion
Austrian Pavilion in Italy

Belgian Pavilion
Belgian Pavilion in Italy

Brazilian Pavilion
Venice Biennale Brazilian Pavilion

British Pavilion
Venice Biennale British Pavilion

Canadian Pavilion
Venice Biennale Canadian Pavilion

Czech / Slovak Pavilion
Venice Biennale Czech / Slovak Pavilion

Danish Pavilion
Venice Biennale Danish Pavilion

Egyptian Pavilion
Venice Biennale Egyptian Pavilion

Finnish Pavilion, by architect Alvar Aalto
Venice Biennale Finnish Pavilion

French Pavilion
Venice Biennale French Pavilion

German Pavilion
Venice Biennale German Pavilion

Greek Pavilion
Greek Pavilion in Italy

Hungarian Pavilion
Hungarian Pavilion in Italy

Israeli Pavilion
Israeli Pavilion in Italy

Japanese Pavilion
Venice Biennale Japanese Pavilion

Nordic Pavilion, by architect Sverre Fehn
Venice Biennale Nordic Pavilion

Polish Pavilion
Venice Biennale Polish Pavilion

Romanian Pavilion
Venice Biennale Romanian Pavilion

Russian Pavilion
Venice Biennale Russian Pavilion

Serbian Pavilion
Serbian Pavilion in Italy

Spanish Pavilion
Spanish Pavilion in Italy

Swiss Pavilion
Swiss Pavilion in Italy

Uruguay Pavilion
Uruguay Pavilion in Italy

Venice Pavilion
Venice Biennale Spanish Pavilion

Venezuelan Pavilion
Venice Biennale Spanish Pavilion

Location: Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy, southern Europe

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