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Light Well House Taichung City

Contemporary Taiwan Residential Development: New Home – design byHsiang Yu Chen & Tai Jung Yang

8 Aug 2016

Light Well House in Taichung City

Contemporary Taiwan Residence

Design: Hsiang Yu Chen & Tai Jung Yang, architects

Light Well

Residential House

Penetrability is the main concept. For sunlight, air, and people go through all the space smoothly. The trail use glass to link the aisle, and for the sunlight shines down to every corner.

Light Well House in Taichung City

A raising pathway gradually leads to the main door fabricated in a gray color glass surface. The second floor is totally devoted to living and working. Throughout the glass aisle and stairs; bedroom, dining room, garage and the entrance, we link every living space together. The third floor is the private area, there are even lass compartment to integrate the pathway. The fourth floor is the outdoor garden, it helps to adjust the temperature for 2nd and 3rd floor, and also add lively energy for the house for people, space and eco are connected.

Light Well House in Taichung City

The glass replaced walls and floors. It brings out sunlight and open visual. Each space seems like independent but well be connect. Creating the three dimensional sense of visual to magnify and extend the area in the limited space. To solve small space problem, we combine multiple functions, compartment and the boundary deployment to attain the visual and the actual space amplification. And also we linked space and space, there are even lass compartment to integrate the pathway.

The project is in Taichung City, Taiwan.

Light Well House in Taichung City

There is the transparent glass aisle trail in each floor that brings the sunlight from the roof down to every floor. Bathtub is placed like an art piece mingling well with the interior. Staircase flight is built of self-supported thick metal panels to reduce the dimension of the structure, and let the air circulation in the house. The flooring is made up of a cement paste and coated with a layer of water-proof lacquer paint. The special color formula that is experimental was painted personally by designer on the wood floor surface.

This is a four floors house, and there is 60 square meters of each floor. The site width is 4m and the depth is 14m.

Light Well House in Taichung City

The house was unable to be inviting natural light and air into the space. A skylight is an inevitable solution. The vertical link situated under the openings light well increased the spatial efficiency as well as solved the problem of the internal lighting. Also a problematic sun-scorching west facade was addressed. We build a garden on the west balcony. It decreases the amount of unbearable heat that enters. The staircase ladders are hollow make the air circulation in the floors. The windows on the top like a chimney to allow hot air to escape.

Townhouse is the most common housing pattern in my country, since the side-by-side position, the window only available at the front and backs which generally causing the problem of unventilated, humid and dark inside. This case in one of the pattern, and it faced west and with arrow floor size, which combines all the adverse conditions. Through creative design, townhouse is also having the possibility for full lightening and ventilation.

Light Well House in Taichung City

Designer: Chen Hsiang YU and Designer: Yang Tai Jung

Images: Photographer HighliteImages

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Puredesign Studio

Basing on simple concept and neat line. Puredesign Studio emphasizes the continuation in space and attempts to create tranquil and comfortable atmosphere.

Winner- Light Well Residential House by Hsiang Yu Chen & Tai Jung Yang is Winner in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category, 2015-16.

Light Well Residential House Taiwan – A’ Design Awards & Competition Winner

Location: Taichung City, Taiwan

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