Sintra Natural History Museum, Portugal Building

Sintra Natural History Museum News, Portugal Building Project Photo, Portuguese Exhibition Design Sintra Natural History Museum Portugal Portuguese Building design by Sousa Santos Arquitectos 31 Aug 2009 Date built: 2009 Design: Sousa Santos Arquitectos Sintra’s Natural History Museum English text (scroll down for Portuguese text) Sintra’s Natural History Museum The scheme defines the design approach … Read more

Museum Veenhuizen Netherlands Building

Museum Veenhuizen, Holland Building, Dutch Project, Photo, Design, Image Museum Veenhuizen Holland Veenhuizen Development, The Netherlands – design by Atelier Kempe Thill 26 Aug 2009 Museum and Exposition centre Veenhuizen, The Netherlands Design: Atelier Kempe Thill Staging History An ideal city as a penal colony Museum Veenhuizen Veenhuizen was founded at the beginning of the … Read more