Episodes by Water: Riverside Concept

Episodes by Water, Riverside Concept, Conceptual Architecture Design, Images Episodes by Water : Design Concepts Riverside Concept Drawings – design by Peter Magyar 7 Jan 2013 Episodes by Water Design: Peter Magyar Two building concepts: Public Safety Building, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA pictures from architect To design on a river-bank, is always perceived a privilege by … Read more

Biomimetic Structures: Arctic Flowers + Formicis Series

The Arctic Flowers Series and the Formicis Series are two halves of a research project conducted at the University at Buffalo that investigate how new types of hand-built architectures can emerge in societies that are as digitally savvy as they are tied to industrial manufacturing and their ancient traditions of hand-craft

Tornado House, 1O DESIGN: Tornado Proof House

Tornado Home, Concept House, Building, Project, Picture, News, Design, Image Tornado House : Concept Design Tornado Proof House – design by 1O DESIGN, Architects, Hong Kong 14 Nov 2011 Tornado House Erupting Stability – (Tornado Proof Suburb) By Ted Givens AIA (Design Partner at 10 Design Hong Kong) Isn’t the Wizard of Oz a clear … Read more

Indigo Tower, IO DESIGN Concept

Indigo Tower, Concept Building, Project, Picture, News, Design, Image Indigo Tower : Concept Design Conceptual High-Rise Building – design by 1O DESIGN, Architects, Hong Kong 11 Nov 2011 Indigo Tower With a focused look at sustainability, the Hong Kong-based architecture firm lO has been developing a series of research projects aimed at improving the quality … Read more