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Energy efficient buildings in Gothenburg

13 Nov 2020

Innovative and energy efficient buildings in Gothenburg

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

New virtual study tour showcasing innovative and energy efficient buildings in Gothenburg

The number of international delegations visiting reference objects and test beds has decreased significantly due to COVID-19. That is why Green Gothenburg is now inviting its travel banned visitors to a virtual tour of three award-winning buildings, where innovative and energy saving solutions are demonstrated.

“For Gothenburg, COVID-19 has been a serious setback. Visits from international delegations studying sustainable solutions have virtually ceased altogether. However, we are now happy to be able to present a virtual study tour showcasing some of the most interesting sustainable building projects here in Gothenburg as a substitute, and later complement, for a real-life visit”, says Katarina Clase,  business developer at Business Region Göteborg.

Gothenburg energy efficient buildings Sweden
photo courtesy of Green Gothenburg

A co-creative social space for experimenting

HSB Living Lab, a habitation infrastructure for students and guest researchers, is one of the testbeds showcased in the virtual tour. It is a co-creative social space for experimenting with sustainable technology and lifestyles in order to develop innovative concepts and solutions. The lab consists of 44 cubic modules with 29 apartments.

“HSB Living Lab has been developed through open-innovation processes between the Swedish housing association HSB, Chalmers University of Technology, Johanneberg Science Park and several industry partners. So far, more than 100 projects have been carried out in the lab”, continues Katarina Clase.

“Visiting HSB Living Lab is like travelling a decade forward in time. Solar cells are integrated in the walls, windows that absorb and store the sunlight as thermal energy are being tested, and there is a plethora of smart home interactions that makes living easier, to name but a few of the spectacular solutions.”

A lab for future learning environments

Nearby A Working Lab is an office building with 430 workplaces, in a flexible space, dedicated to collaboration and innovation. The foundation is made of environmentally friendly concrete and the building’s district heating system is supplied with thermal energy from the local 1000 square meter solar plant.

“The climate impact has been reduced with smart materials and salt storage of thermal energy is used for efficient indoor temperature control. The lab also contains a restaurant, café, co-working areas and conference and meeting rooms.”

Winner of the Environmental Building of the Year 2019

The housing association Riksbyggen Brf Viva is the first practical application of the insights from Riksbyggen Positive Footprint Housing, an interdisciplinary project looking into how to build environmentally, socially and economically sustainable neighbourhoods. The houses are designed to function as plus energy units thanks to well-insulated frames and energy storage in used bus batteries.

“The physical environment is designed to encourage spontaneous meetings and convey a sense of community. The building was voted the Environmental Building of the Year at the Swedish Green Building Awards 2019”, says Katarina Clase.

The Virtual Tour:
The virtual tour can be enjoyed with or without VR glasses.

About Green Gothenburg

Green Gothenburg works to increase international recognition of the region as leading when it comes to sustainable development and welcomes international delegations, on a decision-making level, with an interest in exploring smart and sustainable solutions.

Green Gothenburg is run by Business Region Göteborg, a municipal company that is responsible for business development in the City of Gothenburg and represents 13 municipalities in the region.

Green Gothenburg is part of Smart City Sweden.

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Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

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