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Rufo House, Spain : Spanish Residential Architecture

Home in Toledo design by Alberto Campo Baeza Architect

26 Nov 2012

Rufo House

Toledo, Spain

Design: Alberto Campo Baeza

Rufo House Toledo property
photos : Javier Callejas

The brief was to build a house on a hilltop outside of the city of Toledo. The hill faces southwest and offers interesting views of the distant horizon, reaching the Gredos Mountains to the northeast.

The site measures 60 x 40 m and has a 10-meter slope.

Rufo House Spain Rufo House Toledo Spain New Toledo House Toledo House Spain
photos : Javier Callejas

At the highest point, we established a longitudinal podium, 6 meters wide and 3 meters high, that extends from side to side the entire length of the site. All of the house’s functions are developed inside of this long box, the length of concrete creating a long horizontal platform up high, as if it were a jetty that underlines the landscape with tremendous force.

House in Toledo Spanish House Design New Spanish House Rufo House Toledo
photos : Javier Callejas

This long concrete box is perforated and cut into, conveniently creating objects and voids to appropriately accommodate the requested functions (courtyard + covered courtyard, kitchen, living room-dining room-hall, bedroom, courtyard + courtyard, bedroom, garage, swimming pool, bedroom, courtyard).

In this distribution the living-dining room opens to the garden while the bedrooms face onto courtyards open to the sky and garden, affording them the necessary privacy. The stairway connecting the upper floor is situated in the area behind the living-dining room.

Hilltop House Spain Rufo House Rufo House Toledo Rufo House Toledo
photos : Javier Callejas / from architect

On top of the podium and aligned with it, a canopy with ten concrete columns with a square section support a simple flat roof, as if it were a table with ten legs. Under this roof, behind the columns, is a delicate glass box. To protect the views of the house from the back, a simple row of poplars were planted.

Once again, the theme of the Hut on top of the Cave. Once again, the theme of a tectonic Architecture over a stereotomic Architecture.

Rufo House Toledo Rufo House Toledo
images : from architect / Boceto

Rufo House images / information from Alberto Campo Baeza

Alberto Campo Baeza

Location: Toledo, Spain, southwestern Europe

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