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20 Apr 2022

Architects: Ciszak Dalmas / Matteo Ferrari

Location: Av. De Jaume III, 5 07012 Palma, Balearic Island, Spain

HOFF Store Palma

Photos by Asier Rua


Sneaker fashion Brand Hoff recently unveiled the new retail design concept on Av. De Jaume III in Mallorca.

HOFF Store Palma de Mallorca HOFF Store Palma de Mallorca

Ciszak Dalmas Ferrari studio was called to design the interior architecture with the clear scope to conceptualize a space beyond a traditional sneakers retail environment and to highlight Hoff’s commitment to purity, clean lines, and simple geometries in their products.

The brands’ products are colorful and unisex, features that were taken into consideration for the final design. Shoes are the protagonists in the store, the finishes of the interior architecture orbit around these focal points, being neutral and respectful in a soft color palette composed of pink, grey gradient, and pale washed greenstones. The materials, such as marble, stone, ceramic, and lacquered metal are the hard solutions for a soft balance between architecture and products to display. All this, combined with a hand-made resin floor application, conveys a zen-like sense of spatial harmony.

HOFF Store Palma HOFF Store Palma

On the main floor, the display solutions elevate the sneakers to a higher formal status, presenting the products as unique pieces, put on special platforms that change in color and materiality. The perception is very intimate and relaxed, in contrast with the urban and colorful image of the products.

HOFF Store Palma

The store is entirely furnished with bespoke pieces, such as the sofa, tables, props, and visual accessories. The sofa is finished with tweed Bouclé textile, similar to a woven pattern. The central area is revolving around two Baiteg Stone tables, a traditional Spanish material that provides a sense of natural earthiness. The stone finish resembles somehow limestone and sandstone in a light tone.

HOFF Store Palma de Mallorca

The walls are treated with a layer of pink-mauve pigmented cement called “Mountbatten Pink” (known to be the color used for the naval camouflage by the British Royal Navy during World War II). Large mirrors are used in the corners to widen the space and reflect the customers during the fitting moment.

On the first floor the fitting rooms, recognizable by their luminous arches, welcome the customers. In the main room, two large windows allow a view over the important Avenida Jaime III, one of the main streets of the City of Mallorca. For the ready-to-wear products, a novelty for the Hoff brand, it has been chosen to add a ceramic material from the South of Spain that covers parts of the walls and shelves.

The store is then completed by a predominant entrance, where the logo is visible on the first floor, together with a very recognizable neon sign, visible from any angle of the street.

HOFF Store Palma de Mallorca HOFF Store Palma

HOFF Store in Palma de Mallorca, Spain – Building Information

Architects: Ciszak Dalmas / Matteo Ferrari
c/lope de vega 21, 4 izq.
28014 madrid, spain

Project size: 113 sqm
Completion date: 2022
Building levels: 2

Web: https://thehoffbrand.com/en-gb/
IG: @thehoffbrand www.instagram.com/thehoffbrand

Web: https://www.ciszakdalmas.com/
IG: @ciszak_dalmas www.instagram.com/ciszak_dalmas/

Web: https://www.matteoferrari.es/
IG: @mttfrr www.instagram.com/mttfrr/

HOFF Store Palma de Mallorca

Photographs: Asier Rua

HOFF Store, Palma de Mallorca images / information received 200422

Location: Location: Av. De Jaume III,5 07012 Palma, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, southern Spain

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