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Between Cathedrals, Spain

Cadiz Platform Development design by Alberto Campo Baeza Architect

21 Nov 2012

Between Cathedrals

Location: Cadiz, Spain

Design: Alberto Campo Baeza Architect

Between Cathedrals - Cadiz Building

Between Cathedrals Cadiz Spain Between Cathedrals Spain Cadiz Platform
photos : Javier Callejas

The project “Between Cathedrals” seeks to create an intervention worthy of the most significant location in the history of Cadiz, the oldest city of the West: the empty space facing the sea located between the Old and New Cathedrals.

The basic premise is to cover and protect an archeological excavation. Additionally, this new plane serves as a base for a space facing the ocean, a raised public space providing clear views unobstructed by cars passing on the circle road.

A light, white platform is thus conceived, poised over the excavation as if on tiptoe, and reached by a side ramp. Over this plane, a huge canopy structure is built to provide protection from the sun and rain.

Cadiz Design Cadiz Development Cadiz Spain Between Cathedrals Cadiz Between Cathedrals Cadiz
photos : Javier Callejas

Constructed as if it were a ship, it is painted completely white to accentuate its lightness. The paved area is carpeted in white marble.

In the construction of the base; the memory of ships. In that of the shade structure, as if it were a baldachin; the memory of a holy week procession.

We would like to make a beautiful piece of architecture, worthy of this wonderful place, and worthy of being part of the collective memory of Cadiz.

Cathedral Development Spain Waterfront Platform Waterfront Development Cadiz Between Cathedrals Cadiz
images : Croquis

Between Cathedrals – Building Information

Location: South Mountain Avenue. Cathedral Square. Pópulo Quarter, Cadiz
Sponsor: City of Cadiz
Date of project: 2006
Date of construction: 2009
Surface: 1,000 m2
Architect: Alberto Campo Baeza
Architects Contributors: Ignacio Aguirre Lopez, Emilio Delgado Martos
Structure: Rubio Andres Moran, Jorge Conde Conde – IDEEE
Rigger: Manuel Barley Orrequia
Cost: 1.475.000 EUR
Builder: GEOCISA

Photos: Javier Callejas

Between Cathedrals images / information from Alberto Campo Baeza

Alberto Campo Baeza

Location: El Populo, Cadiz, Spain, southwestern Europe

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