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Race Studio in Singapore

Laboratory Space Development, Southeast Asia design by Ministry of Design

29 May 2017

Race Studio Singapore

Architects: Ministry of Design

Location: 505 Yishun Industrial Park A, PBA Building, Level 2, Singapore 768733

Race Studio

Race Studio

Go, Go, Mr. Roboto
MOD was commissioned to design the branding and spatial experience for RACE, a new robotic facility aimed at educating, and introducing robots into automating existing manufacturing industries. RACE intended to also feature a series of interchangeable modular robots as a key unique proposition.

Race Studio

Race Studio Race Studio

Inspired by the concept of modularity, and influenced by aesthetics of precision and dynamism; the logotype is an expression of a complete form comprised of individual standalone parts.

Race Studio

Spatial Experience
The brief for the laboratory space required flexibility to showcase a changing series of modular robots as well as be used for hands-on training and lectures. The laboratory needed to be a continuous open space, yet conducive for small clusters for hands-on training. Underpinning this brief, MOD also sought to create an engaging and future-forward spatial experience that denotes the idea of industrial automation and precision.

Race Studio

Upon arrival at the lift lobby, a vivid prelude to the laboratory space greets the viewer. A web of soaring white lines cut through the black space to create an anamorphic experience to disorient the floor from the ceiling. From the black envelope of the lift lobby, a custom oversized door pivots open to reveal a dramatic metallic faceted space, creating a contrast that is at once striking yet complementary.

Race Studio

For maximum flexibility to the space, MOD introduced a “second” skin – developed to seamlessly create a dynamic space by deconstructing the ceiling and wall planes into an array of dazzling facets. Each facet comprises stacked layers of hand-cut aluminium hollow tubing; rotating the direction of the tubes with every facet to create a bold multi-directional effect.

Race Studio

The aluminium screen cladding also serves to cloak the necessary but unsightly mechanical and electrical services while allowing ease of access for operation. This skin was shaped in plan with enclaves for small group work clusters accompanied by separate access hatches to the services behind. The random sprinkle of custom LED strips serves to highlight the multidirectional panels with a cutting-edge aesthetic. Overall, the space provides a suitable future-forward backdrop to usher in an age of automation and robotics.

Race Studio

Race Studio in Singapore – Building Information

Design: Ministry of Design, Colin Seah, Ruth Chong, Sandra Goh, Sarah Conceicao, Yuping Tiang, Richard Herman, Madeline Lim
Branding collaterals Logo, Business card, Letterhead, Envelope, Branding guidelines
Built in GFA 243 sqm
Facilities: Lift lobby and entrance vestibule Robotic Laboratory
Website: www.race-robotics.com
Construction duration: 12 weeks
Opening: March 2017
Photography: CI&A Photography – Edward Hendricks
Owner: PBA Systems Pte Ltd
ID Contractor: Hocklim Engineering Pte Ltd
Location: 505 Yishun Industrial Park A, PBA Building, Level 2, Singapore 768733

Race Studio
About RACE
Robotics Application Centre for Excellence(RACE) was formed between PBA group and a group of Professors from a well-known local university to educate corporations and the public in the area of the robotics and automation and the importance of transforming the nation into a smart industry and overall a smart nation.

RACE is partnering with the government agencies with Spring, WSG, e2i and EDB as well as the various associations to help transform SMEs into Smart factories by providing training and consultation to SMEs on how automation can be utilized in to increase their productivity, reduce inefficiencies and dependency on manpower especially in this tight labour market. RACE is also building up a group of system integrators(SI) called the Preferred Partner Programme(PPP) that can support SME automation integration by developing solutions increase their productivity. This would allow the SIs to grow and take on more scalable projects through RACE’s extensive network of public and private companies.

Race Studio
About PBA Group
Founded in 1987, PBA (Precision Bearings and Automation) started off as a bearings and mechanical components trading company which evolved into a contract manufacturing, aerospace components distributor, spindle repairs, IT services and a robotics & customized solutions company with an annual turnover of almost SGD$100 million dollars and valued at over SGD$200 million. Over the last 2 years, PBA has acquired more than 8 companies and has grown into a large local enterprise (LLE) with over 20 companies, 500 staff and presence in more than 13 countries across Asia.

Race Studio

In recognition for her efforts, PBA was awarded the winner of the Promising SME 500, Enterprise 50 and Entrepreneur of the year among the other awards. With the government’s increased emphasis on industry 4.0 initiatives and the creation of smart factories’, PBA is widely seen as one of the leaders in the deployment of ‘smart factory’ initiatives. PBA has a strong focus on industry education as well as the deployment of robotics and automation integrated with system solutions to meet industry demands.

Race Studio
About Ministry of Design
Questioning Convention

Ministry of Design was created by Colin Seah to question convention and redefine the spaces, forms and experiences that surround us and give meaning to our world.

MOD’s explorations are created amidst a democratic studio-like’ atmosphere and progress seamlessly between form, site, object and space. At MOD, we provide our clients services that transcend mere design skill sets or technical prowess. We prefer to start far upstream and instead of merely designing solutions, we design holistic experiences. The resultant design thinking then translates into a wide variety of possible downstream design applications and media: be it architecture, product design, interior architecture, branding, graphics, landscape or even the weaving of diverse disciplines into a single project.

We love to question where the inherent potential in contemporary design lies, and then to disturb the ways they are created or perceived – redefining the world around us in relevant and innovative ways, project by project. This, we declare, is real change, not change for the sake of novelty. Fortified with these aspirations, we begin each distinct project anew by seeking to do 2 things – to draw deeply from the context surrounding each project, but also to dream freely so that we might transcend mere reality and convention.

Each MOD project endeavours to be delightfully surprising but yet relevant, distinctly local but still globally appealing. Headquartered in Singapore and with offices in Beijing and Kuala Lumpur, MOD was declared a “Rising Star of Architecture” by the Monocle Singapore Survey 2010 and “Designer of the Year” by the International Design Awards, USA 2010.

Our recent portfolio includes Vanke Qingdao Plaza, Ascendas Guangzhou Knowledge City, award-winning Vanke Triple V Gallery & UOL Edge Gallery (World Architecture Festival 2012), Tangs Flagship Store and Macalister Mansion hotel (Best Luxury Hotel at Gold Key NYC 2013).

Earlier works include the Barcode Office (Best Office in WAF Barcelona 2011), BBH Office (President’s Design Award 2008), Zig Zag House, Sho-U Restaurant (Gold Key Award Grand Prize 2007), Leo Burnett Office (Interior Design of the Year 2010, USA), SOHO China Sanlitun condominium, The Mark Business Park, New Majestic Hotel (President’s Design Award 2006) & The Saporiti Italia Luxury Tower (Grand Prize & exhibited at Salone de Mobile Milan 2010).

Race Studio

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Website: Matteo Cainer Architects on e-architect

Location: 505 Yishun Industrial Park A, PBA Building, Level 2, Singapore 768733

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