Ninety 7 House in Singapore, Southeast Asia

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Ninety 7 House in Singapore

28 Feb 2020

Ninety 7 House

Design: Aamer Architects

Location: Singapore

Ninety 7 House Singapore

One of those stimulating occasions where owner and architect are effectively collaborating, in sync, resulting in a pleasant process & cool project. The Ninety 7 House sits on Siglap Hill, the highest point in a residential suburb in Singapore, the site is breezy and enjoys spectacular views of the city skyline and the surrounding low-rise neighbourhood.

Ninety 7 House Singapore

Ninety 7 House Singapore

The owner, a businessman, was then a bachelor who enjoyed entertaining at his house (‘bachelor’s pad’). The main spaces of the house are elevated off the ground to fully exploit the views and catch the breeze. The main “public” spaces – living room, dining room and open kitchen – are placed on the second level while the private spaces – master bedroom, study and personal entertainment space – are on the third level.

Ninety 7 House Singapore Ninety 7 House Singapore

A single continuous curvi-linear plane wraps around the two levels of main spaces, flowing from roof of the car porch to the floor of the second level and upward to join the roof at the third level, unifying the main spaces as a single dynamic volume on the southern edge. This curvi-linear plane unwraps itself on the western edge to reveal two large balconies thrusting forward in the direction of the city skyline, propelled by two slanted columns.

Ninety 7 House Singapore

The owner, a bachelor at the time, wished for a unique out-of-the-ordinary ‘pad’ very suitable for entertaining friends & family whilst the private spaces could be shut off from the party on-goings when needed.

Ninety 7 House Singapore

Designing a forward looking / futuristic version of tropical architecture not done before. The construction challenge was to achieve the continuous curved lines from the materials concrete & metal.

Ninety 7 House Singapore Ninety 7 House Singapore

Ninety 7 House, Singapore

Architect: Aamer Architects
Project size: 767 sqm
Site size: 891 sqm
Project Budget: $4000000
Completion date:2010
Building levels: 2

Ninety 7 House Singapore Ninety 7 House Singapore

Photography: Patrick Bingham-Hall

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Location: Singapore

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