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Kunshan Opera House, China : Building

New Architecture near Shanghai – design by Cui Kai, architects

15 Jul + 27 May 2013

Kunshan Opera House Building

Kunshan Opera House

Location: Kunshan, greater Suzhou region, southeastern Jiangsu Province, eastern China

Design: Cui Kai, Architect, China Architecture Design & Research Group

Two photos of the new opera house in Kunshan near Shanghai.

Kunshan Opera House Building, China
photograph : Philippe Ruault

Cui Kai was on the jury panel for the recent Xiqu (Chinese opera) Centre, one of the landmark cultural venues for the West Kowloon Cultural District, China.

Brief introduction about Kun Shan Culture & Art Center

The building is located in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, near Shanghai, where, more than two decades ago, is still a small town of south of Yangtze River and famous for the Kun Opera. Now here is one of the fastest growing area in terms of economic development in China. A large number of international modern enterprises gathered here. Located in the sports park in the west new district, Kunshan Culture & Art Center is a government financing construction and is built to raise the level of urban culture.

The architect is deeply inspired by the Kun Opera: the fluent shape of the facade and smooth interior space evoke the dancer’s movement and posture, especially the elegant “water sleeve” , a typical poetic posture in Kun Opera. And the color atmosphere makes reference to the Kun Opera’s aesthetic scenography. In fact, the Kun Opera is spiritual source of this building.

In addition, the design stems from the analysis of the site environment : curved body coordinates with adjacent stadium, open veranda creates the water-front, soft white wall to interpret local cultural tradition and elegant light color to express romantic and artistic space atmosphere.

It all relies on modern design techniques and construction process, which make it keep proper quality in the rapid construction. Loved by the public, the building is rated as one of the Top Ten Construction locally.

Kunshan Opera House
photograph : Philippe Ruault

Since 2000 he has been Vice President, Chief Architect, National Design Master at the China Architecture Design & Research Group, Beijing.

Kunshan Opera House images / information from Philippe Ruault

Location: Kunshan, near Shanghai, China

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