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Lotus Flower Hotel, China : Atkins

Five-star resort China: Lingtang New Town hotel – Design Competition Winner

21 Nov 2008

Lotus Flower hotel Building

Lingang New Town, China
Architects: Atkins

“Lotus flower” hotel wins international design competition

Design and engineering consultancy Atkins has won an international competition to design a five-star resort hotel in China. The stunning 350-bed hotel, which will form the centrepiece of Lingang New Town, near Shanghai, will be on an island in a circular lake.

Lotus Flower Hotel Shanghai
image courtesy of architects

Atkins’ design concept was a response to the Lingang new town masterplan, which has created a perfectly circular 500 hectare lake as its centrepiece. The hotel is being developed by Shanghai Harbour City Group and will be one of the first buildings to be constructed in the new town area.

“The client’s brief called for a striking landmark, but limited the height to only 15 metres,” says project manager Shen Yufeng. “Our winning design adopted the image of a natural form, such as a lotus flower, that could be thought of as an object floating in the lake.”

Although Atkins’ design is very dramatic, it also achieves a very functional hotel layout. The central drum, containing the reception and lobby, connects the five ‘leaves’, containing either hotel rooms, restaurant spaces or meeting rooms.

Shen adds: “The ‘leaves’ reach out into the landscape, allowing unblocked views of the lake or gardens from every room. The inner space of each ‘leaf’ is designed as an atrium space allowing natural light and ventilation into the heart of the public spaces.”

Atkins’ design accommodates service and kitchen spaces within a low wing that connects the conference and dining ‘leaves’. The majority of back of house and car parking is contained at basement level, while a further independent block, designed in a similar style, accommodates a clubhouse for a small marina. Children’s playgrounds, a karting track plus recreational and landscape areas will create a complete resort island environment.

Sustainable aspects are considered in terms of the building’s ventilation, lighting and building management systems. For instance, each of the ‘leaves’ of the hotel is designed as a themed garden that will allow partial natural ventilation and lighting of the open corridor areas. Green roofing covers most of the buildings’ flat roof areas, reducing energy loss and connecting the design more thoroughly with the landscape.

The external materials will be natural finishes in keeping with the landscape setting. Walls will be clad in timber with deep recessed balconies. The roof will be zinc, creating a gently curving, glittering profile when seen from afar.

Design development work is now under way in Atkins’ Shanghai office, with construction is due to start this month.

Lotus Flower Hotel building images / information from Atkins, Architects, 211108

Lotus Flower Hotel architect : Atkins

Location: Shanghai, China

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