Harbin Poly Moon Time Interior, Heilongjiang Building Design, New Chinese Architecture Photos

Harbin Poly Moon Time

20 Oct 2021

Design: UMA Interior Design

Location: Harbin, Heilongjiang District, People’s Republic of China

Harbin Poly Moon Time, Heilongjiang, China design

Photos by Yanming Chen

Harbin Poly Moon Time Building

The Poly Moon Time project is located in Harbin. Harbin, known as the Moscow of the East, has a special historical process and geographical location, which has created Harbin’s diverse culture and exotic atmosphere. Taking the responsibility of inheriting architectural culture, the designer extracted elements from Harbin’s traditional architecture and constructed a space with memories of the past and modern luxury.

Harbin Poly Moon Time, Heilongjiang, China

Red bricks are a common texture of the exterior walls of old buildings in Harbin. The designer incorporated the red brick walls as the exterior facades into the interior to evoke memories of the past. The art corridor is hung with photos of the workers in the steelmaking plant, connecting the space with the history of the city and carrying the memory of urban development.

Harbin Poly Moon Time Interior, Heilongjiang brickwork design Harbin Poly Moon Time Interior, Heilongjiang design

The designers hope that the space can be more connected with the historical field, examining the history of the industrialization process of the city, and creating a video corridor with black and white photos. The brick walls, like cracks in time, tell the common story of the city’s builders — stories of youth and dreams.

Heilongjiang interior design China Modern Heilongjiang interior design China

Harbin Poly Moon Time, People’s Republic of China – Building Information

Project Location: Harbin, Heilongjiang District, China
Design Director: Tuanhui Xiong
Interior Design: UMA Interior Design
Interior Design Team: Donghui Miao, Zhiping Zeng, Wei Su
Decoration Design: UMA Interior Design
Decoration Design Team: Dandan Chen, Ruibin Xiong, Wenshuai Ma

Design Area: 800 sqm
Completion Time: 2020.12

Photography Team: Yanming Chen

Modern Harbin interior design China Modern Harbin interior design bricks

Heilongjiang District Interior Design in China images / information received 191021 from UMA Interior Design

Location: Heilongjiang District, Harbin, People’s Republic of China, eastern Asia

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