Josefstädterstraße 33 Vienna Building

Josefstädterstraße 33, Vienna Building, Austrian Project, Photo, Design, Property Josefstädterstraße 33 Vienna : Architecture Retail Development in Vienna, Austria – design by flatzarchitects 28 Apr 2009 Josefstädterstraße 33 Location: Vienna, north east Austria – Design: flatzarchitects The architects describe this retail intervention as follows: the design idea was to reflect the lights of the city. … Read more

DC Tower Vienna Donau City building

DC Tower Vienna Images, WED AG Donau City building architect, Austrian city development quarter news Vienna DC – Towers : Austrian Skyscrapers Donau City Tower, Austria design by Dominique Perrault + Hoffmann and Janz architects 15 Jan 2008 Architects : Dominique Perrault with Hoffmann and Janz VIENNA DC Successful Concept Continued with Novel Landmark of … Read more

Loisium Hotel & Spa, Langenlois, Austria

Loisium Hotel & Spa, Langenlois, Austria, Steven Holl Architects, Design, Award Loisium Hotel Austria : Spa Langenlois Vienna Hotel Building : Austrian Architecture – design by Steven Holl Architects Loisium Hotel & Spa, Langenlois Austria Award info from Steven Holl Architects: Steven Holl Architects wins European Hotel Design Award with a Hotel and Spa for … Read more