Pori-Pori House – Indonesian Home

Pori-Pori House, Architecture, Picture, Architect, Info, Development, Photos Indonesian House : Indonesia Architecture Contemporary Project, South East Asia – design by Budi Pradono Architects 27 Aug 2009 Pori-Pori House, Indonesia 2004-07 Design: Budi Pradono Architects PORI-PORI HOUSE AHMET + SALINA STUDIO (PORES 2) PASAR MINGGU, SOUTH JAKARTA Clients are spouses of graphic designers in need…

Gotong Royong City, Indonesia Building

The International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) 2009 in collaboration with Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia (Indonesian Institute of Architects Jakarta Chapter) announce an idea competition on the theme of ‘gotong royong city’ in the context of the extended metropolitan region of Jakarta.