TLI house

TLI house Arezzo, Italy Property

Design: Architettura Matassoni. TLI house – the daily activities are not divided in a rigid way in different moments, the thought is fluid and elastic, the perceptions of spaces are continuous and dynamic, so architecture have to be fluid, without too schematisms, rigid divisions and multifunctional

Villa N Arezzo 3

Villa N Arezzo, Italian House Design

Design: Architettura Matassoni. Project for a single-family residential building, currently under construction in the hills of Arezzo. The house is built around a patio on which are opened the most important environments of the living area; the transparency of the walls allows the visual perception as an extension of interior space.

Urban Villa Florence 2

Urban Villa Florence, Italy House Design

Design: Architettura Matassoni. The project was created with the intention of transforming the strong physical limitations, in a series of architectural cues; the available surface is in fact quite limited in size and characterized from a trapezoidal shape and has a possibility of building relatively limited; the building area is inserted in an urban environment characterized by a low quality and from a certain density of the buildings.

Florentine Planes Landscape Architecture

Florentine Planes Landscape Architecture

Mr. Betsky’s presentation marks the conclusion of ARTLANDS Tour #2, the program of conferences and walks in the Florentine Plane which Image ( started last year to provide knowledge and insights into the new landscape proposals suggested by the works carried out by biologist Carlo Scoccianti and aimed at defining new natural environments through the reclamation and alteration of the territory.