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Coll House : Residential Hebrides Architecture

Residential Development in the Western Isles design by wt architecture, Scotland

14 Dec 2010

Sorisdal House Coll

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Location: Inner Hebrides, western Scotland

Design: wt architecture – William Tunnell

Photos: Andrew Lee

Contemporary House on Coll

Coll House, Scotland - Residential Hebrides Building

Sorisdal House sits within a small settlement at the north tip of the island of Coll. The new house replaces a poor quality bungalow and focuses on addressing issues of orientation, appropriateness of massing and sensitivity to context.

The key theme of the client’s brief was a desire to celebrate the beautiful views of Sorisdal Bay and the islands beyond within a building that referenced both contemporary living spaces and vernacular island architecture.

Coll house design Coll home design New house Coll

Large areas of glazing on the seaward elevation bring light and solar gain into the main living spaces. This open side of the house is juxtaposed with the thick stone walls to the north and north-west within which the house shelters.

To the south-east the walls drop in level to demarcate external space and tie the building in to its surroundings. Local stone was used ensuring that the house has a strong sense of belonging within the existing Sorisdal settlement.

The schedule of accommodation required demanded a 50% increase in floor area from the original house. In order that an appropriate mass was retained the building was split into two principle forms, each orientated towards particular views and linked by a lower roof of green slate.

Bedrooms and bathrooms are situated in the northern, more private wing whilst the kitchen,dining and living spaces occupy the south-west wing and directly address the beach. The link area houses a master ensuite and an entrance area which connects the two axes of the building.

New Coll property Coll home Coll property

Maximum insulation and airtightness, along with ground-source heating and balanced solar gain also make this a highly efficient, low energy house. Imported materials were delivered to the beach in front of the site and were kept to a minimum with local stone used extensively to minimise impact and cost of transportation.

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Coll home

The White House, Isle of Coll
wt architecture – William Tunnell
White House Isle of Coll
photo : Andrew Lee
New House on Coll

The White House Coll image / information from wt architecture


Location: Sorisdale, Coll, western Scotland

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