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Spanish Architectural Office – Madrid Architecture Studio: Practice Profile

Post updated 28 July 2022

EXIT ARCHITECTS – Contact Details


Tel +34 913 044 718
e-mail: exit(at)exit-architects.com
Website: http://exit-architects.com
Address: 28027 Madrid, Spain

EXIT ARCHITECTS Madrid – About us


EXIT ARCHITECTS integrates the personal and professional experience of an architects team gathered round their common interest in developing a people-aimed architecture. We intend our architecture to play a role in citizens’ everyday life, making them feel and experience through materials and spaces.

This Madrid architecture practice try to create “alive” buildings, inserted in society, and spaces where users share experiences and interact. We believe it is possible to integrate in each project the technical rationality and the emotion at architectural spaces, to combine the construction precision and the intuition, to unite functionality and beauty.

Our work seeks the optimum integration of all the circumstances around each project, with special focus on the client needs, the relation between buildings and city, the sustainability and the intention of producing contemporary architecture.


photo from architects office

photo from architecture office

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photo from architects office

EXIT ARCHITECTS Spain – Projects

Centro Cívico en Palencia, Spain
Exit Architects / Eduardo Delgado Orusco
Centro Cívico en Palencia
photograph : Fernando Guerra
Centro Cívico en Palencia building
The former Palencia Provincial Prison complex was created at the end of the XIX century, built with brick bearing walls following the “neomudéjar” style, and composed mainly of four two-storey wings and some other with one storey. On this building was planned a comprehensive refurbishment to transform the former use and convert it into a center that promotes the social and cultural activity in this part of the town.
The proposal by this architects office + Eduardo Delgado Orusco intends to convert the former prison into a meeting place, recovering some of the old spaces, and creating at the same time new structures that make possible the new planned activities. It is a project that respects the existing building, which is given a contemporary, lighter appearance, and where the natural light will play a key role.

Easter Sculpture Museum, Albacete, Spain
Easter Sculpture Museum Albacete Salburúa by EXIT ARCHITECTS, Madrid, Spain
photograph : Fernando Guerra
Easter Sculpture Museum
The Museum Project was the result of an ideas competition organized by the Hellín Municipality. The competition rules considered the refurbishment of the Casa del Conde as well as the construction of an extension on the plot area former occupied by some small service buildings of the house.
In the competition winning proposal included the completely refurbished Casa del Conde as a part of the Museum. The Madrid architecture practice even wanted to give it a main role, incorporating the former backyard facade as the background of the new main exhibition space. The inner court of the house played also a significant role as an exhibition area which established a relationship between the old and the new parts. The upper levels hosted an administration area and a library.

Madrid Architecture Practice – Staff Information

EXIT ARCHITECTS is an architects team created to integrate the knowledge and experience of its members, in order to face their professional work with the maximum soundness and capacity.

The team’s philosophy is to develop each project in a personalized way, aware of the uniqueness of each client, identified with his needs and objectives, and adapted to the specific circumstances of each place. Our experience is supported by more than 85.000 m2 and 79 million euros of designed and built work in the last ten years, mainly housing and public buildings.

This baggage has provided us a deep and realistic understanding of the whole construction process, and the ability to make both top quality projects as well as an effective management of all the people involved in them (property, contractors, authorities, ….) We are as well involved in various collaborative initiatives with other international architectural practices in order to broaden our scope of work and open us to new experiences.

Location: Madrid, Spain, southwestern Europe

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