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Garden Hardwood Decking

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14 Apr 2010

How To Smartly Maximise Your Living Space by Using Garden Decking

Garden Hardwood Decking Products

Garden hardwood decking is the must have feature in any sophisticated design in the past decade. The latest trend in garden hardwood decking design is the ability to connect the inside with the outside creating an unlimited space and options for design. This design will allow to vastly increase the effective living area and to expand tremendously the entertainment space.

How To Create The Continuous Flow?

As well as choosing flooring and decking made of the same material indoors and out, you should ensure your garden and living space are at exactly the same level, creating the illusion of a larger space. Using a folding sliding glass door, will also increase the visibility of the garden decking adding the illusion of a bigger space.

If your garden design requires rails, a good option is to use a combination of glass and decking posts, to maintain the open space theme. If you are not able to choose the exact material, you can use the same stain for your wood flooring and your hardwood decking.

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In order to be able to do that, just ensure that the flooring that you buy will be unfinished and it can be either bespoke to a colour of your choice or it can be finished on-site by yourself. Please remember that as your decking is outside and will be fully exposed to weather conditions. In order to maintain the same colour as your indoor flooring it needs to be oiled more often, so we recommend oiling the wood at least once a year, ideally before spring time and late autumn.

One very popular choice is the Cumaru flooring ( which can be solid or engineered) and Cumaru decking. The Cumaru wood originates from South America and is an exotic hardwood, extremely dense and rich in red/ yellow color and appearance. Cumaru Decking is an exceptionally strong material and it boasts a fire rating of Class A, the same as concrete or steel!

Cumaru is considered to be 5 times harder than pine, cedar and redwood and over 10 times stronger than composite decking products. Cumaru wood is also rated 25 years against decay and insect damage. It is harvested from managed forest projects where trees are replenished. It is naturally seasoned and kiln dried to prevent shrinkage. The rich red/ yellow colour can be a contrast to any industrial design or a further element of warmth in a homely setting.

Article by Michelle Strassburg of wood flooring superstore Wood and Beyond. FSC accredited online vendors of wood products, ranging from flooring to worktops and hardwood decking.

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