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An Architect’s Inspiration: Home Travel

Accessibility in the House Lift – Stairwell Product for the House Article

8 Nov 2018

Home Travel Lift Product

Home Travel

An architect’s primary goal is to provide a beautiful solution to a practical problem and it is always necessary to stay on top of new ideas and trends in the marketplace.

An Architect’s Inspiration: Home Travel

For domestic residences, new and existing, the integration of a private home lift is becoming more and more popular in the UK.

The number of specialists out there is on the increase and if you have not got a clue what you are looking for or what is available to purchase, there are now some businesses which are comparing a number of lift providers and matching up ‘projects to products’ with architects in one convenient telephone call.

The comparison model is not an unfamiliar one, with the likes of MoneySupermarket or CompareTheMarket dominating the insurance marketplace, for example, but these more niche lift provider comparison sites specialising in the vertical industries are providing a more tailored and personal service with a human being on the end of a phone line to listen to architect’s queries and provide informed responses.

No single site will trawl the entire marketplace, but if you are an architect and doing your background research into integrating a home lift into a project, these UK home lifts comparison websites can provide extremely useful information to get you started in the decision-making process.

These niche sites go beyond just finding the best value for money for your client as they look at key preferences such as: reputation, materials used, functionality such as lighting, space and speed, as well as price points and any features which are available to bespoke.

They take all the hard work out of the architect’s search and compare a number of lift specialists from standard products for ‘everyday use’ up to high-spec, high-tech lifts with cutting edge design, for clients who cannot compromise on style.

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