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Urban Platform Flexible Structure in Lisbon

Portuguese Public Realm: Landscape in Portugal design by Bumjin Kim & Minyoung Kim, Architects

12 Feb 2016

Design: Bumjin Kim & Minyoung Kim

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Urban Platform Flexible Structure in Lisbon Design

Urban Platform

Flexible structure

Urban Platform Flexible structure in Lisbon

Urban Platform Flexible Structure Lisbon News

Scaffolding has been used for a very long time, across the globe. Essentially, it is a temporary structure that supports people or materials during the construction process. There is no reason scaffolding structure can’t be just as efficient, if not more efficient than other materials, and provide a more flexible space, even if it is only used for temporary structures.

The goal of project is to capture this experience with minimal interference to its surroundings. We used scaffolding like structure to not take away focus from the city; rather the structure is designed to be invisible from the distance. The proposed structure would allow visitors to relax, play, watch, listen, sit and mostly importantly experience the city as much as walking around. The structure composed of five different modules, Steps, Stage, Void, Enclosed space, and Viewpoint.

According to five different elements, people can easily assemble and disassemble for their needs. Five elements which are: 1. Steps, 2. Stage, 3. Void, 4. Enclosed Space and 5. Viewpoint, allow a various activities and events to make it a very exciting place to visit.

Urban Platform Flexible structure in Lisbon

The project is located in the city of Lisbon, Portugal.

Architecture, Building and Structure Design

This unit platform is able to transform into a fully immersive environment for events and activities, from an ordinary scaffolding structure right next to Monastery of São Vicente de Fora. The entire unit structure is merged with specific settings, such as stairs, sitting stairs, restrooms, etc.

Each stage captures the environment that is projected onto the scaffolding unit, melding with the surrounding area. It allows an adaptable structure that can work in varied settings and events. The structure remained as an elevated public platform itself, allowing people to experience the space and environment beneath the platform.

Plot size: 2100 sqm. Built up area: 172 sqm. Material: Aluminum tubes

Urban Platform Flexible structure in Lisbon

Idea, Flexible, Elements, Scaffolding, Public space

The great earthquake of 1755 hit Alfama and the adjacent districts resulted devastating damages. Fortunately, many buildings of great heritage value survived through the incident and still fulfil its purpose. The city has rich history and architecture with high contrast in elevations allows dynamic views.

Thousands of people visits Lisbon every year; and one of popular method of experiencing the city is by walking tour. There are different types of walking tour available which takes one to various sites including churches, plazas, ruins and neighbours.

Urban Platform Flexible structure in Lisbon

The challenge was to design a five different modules which are easy to build, disassemble, and maximize the potential events with all the demands of the architectural aspects.

Bumjin Kim, Minyoung Kim

Bumjin Kim, Minyoung Kim

Urban Platform Flexible structure in Lisbon

Bumjin + Minyoung

Bumjin Kim and Minyoung Kim have working experiences in the U.S., France, China and Korea and their works were exhibited in the U.S., Spain, and China. These two members currently reside and work in U.S. Both Bumjin and Minyoung obtained their Bachelor degree in Architecture at Hongik University. Minyoung graduated subsequently with a Master in Science of Architecture and Urban Design degree from Columbia University. while Bumjin with a Master of Architecture from the MIT.

Urban Platform Flexible Structure by Bumjin Kim & Minyoung Kim is Winner in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category, 2014-15.

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Location: Lisbon, Portugal

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