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Poznań Buildings : Architecture

post updated 23 June 2021

Poznań Architecture

Contemporary Poznań Architecture, chronological:

23 Jun 2021
Modern Dacha
Design: Mode: Lina
Modern Dacha Gmina Międzychód Poznań
photography : Patryk Lewińsk
Modern Dacha, Gmina Międzychód Poznań
“From my grandfather I inherited a modest forester’s lodge in the heart of Pszczewski landscape park. I wanted to enhance it and create Contemporary Dacha for friends and family.”

22 May 2020
Quartz office
Design: Easst architects
Quartz Office Poznań building design by Easst architects
photography : Przemyslaw Turlej
Quartz office Building in Poznan
The plot, with which the client came to our studio, is located on the outskirts of the city of Poznań. Until recently, it was a post-industrial district, poorly urbanized and with low land value. It would seem that the city had absolutely no concept for this district, leaving its area development to chance. Fortunately, a local spatial development plan has been adopted for these areas.

30 Apr 2019
ChiChi 4U
Architects: mode:lina
ChiChi 4U Burger Bar in Poznan
photography : Patryk Lewiński
ChiChi 4U Burger Bar in Poznań Restaurant
ChiChi 4U has a new venue on Poznań’s gastronomy map! You will now fnd their burgers in northern part of the city in an unusual spot.

3 Oct 2018
INEA salon , Poznan
Architects: mode:lina
Inea Salon in Poznan
photography : Patryk Lewiński
New Building in Poznan
It was a natural move for the telecommunications leader in the Greater Poland region, to give the interiors of their salon a makeover. This is a new version of one of Poznań salons, accompanied by a set of standards for all new ofces.

4 Sep 2017
VÈLO7 Cycle Shop
Architects: mode:lina
VELO7 Cycle Shop
photo : Patryk Lewiński
VÈLO7 Cycle Shop in Poznań
VÈLO7 is a group of bicycle enthusiasts who want to share their passion with others. Interested in offering best quality bicycles to their customers, they have decided to create a unique place that would reflect their common fascination. This job was entrusted to a befriended studio – mode:lina.

12 Jun 2017 + 18 Jun 2012
Baltyk Tower
Design: MVRDV, Architects
Baltyk Tower Poland
photo : Ossip van Duivenbode s
Baltyk Tower Poznań Building
Bałtyk appears totally different depending on what side it is approached from. A linear building with a concrete, entirely glass-fronted façade and clearly exposed aggregate grain, sets it apart from its surroundings and is an example of a balanced combination of “old” and “new” architecture in the context of the neighbouring historic building of Concordia Design and the Haven.

7 Nov 2016
Fence House, Borówiec
Design: mode:lina, architects
Fence House
photo : Marcin Ratajczak
Fence House in Poznań
In Borówiec near Poznań, once again a house designed by mode:lina studio was built. Form of this house: two blocks with a sloping roof and an asymmetric garage cube, is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional style. It is complemented with simple, raw materials: bricks, concrete and sheet in shades of gray.

18 Feb 2011
102 house
Design: Zalewski Architecture Group
102 House Poznań home
picture : Zalewski AG
Poznań house
A small bungalow house (about 140 m2) situated on a parcel (750 m2) surrounded by the forests near Poznań. The house consists of three parts integrated in one solid: a daily area with patio, a night area and a garage.

23 Mar 2010
Garby house, near Poznan
Design: Neostudio Architects
Garby House Poznan property
image courtesy of architects
Garby house
The client’s wish was to have a high, two-level living room with large windows looking onto the south, coming along with simple formal solutions. Block of the house has been fitted to the existing slope in order to avoid too big capacity in its southern part – which resulted in a form soaking into the surrounding.

Location: Poznań, Poland

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