Poczekalnia Club & Restaurant in Poland

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Poczekalnia Club & Restaurant in Poland

Contemporary Polish Interior Architecture design by Karina Wiciak

21 Nov 2013

Design: Karina Wiciak

Location: Poland

“POCZEKALNIA – the most recent work by Karina Wiciak and the 11th part in the collection “XII”

Poczekalnia Restaurant

Poczekalnia Poland Poczekalnia Restaurant Poland Poczekalnia Club Poland Poczekalnia Club & Restaurant
photos from architect

This is a club & restaurant

“Poczekalnia” is the eleventh project of the collection “XII”, designed entirely by Karina Wiciak.

“Poczekalnia” (which in Polish means “Waiting Room”) is a restaurant inspired by the prison.

Not only the interior but also the name of the restaurant itself is a kind of metaphor, because the prison itself can be euphemistically described as a kind of waiting room.

The entire interior was done in white and black pop-art colours, with the addition of orange fabric – as a characteristic element of clothing of convicts in prison.

Prison bars, and even the cells in which paradoxically the VIP rooms are located, are the main element of the design. The bar is also behind the prison bars, and the toilets are designed in the form of iron cages, enclosed with orange curtains and glass wall (outside).

Hanging lamps in the shape of handcuffs and a chandelier in the form of a key chain are another prison motives. Interiors are complemented by tables and chairs with motive of bars and a big key lock.

The project of “Poczekalnia” also includes:

– Table “kraty” (which in Polish means “prison bars”)

– Chair “kraty” (which in Polish means “prison bars”)

– Hooker chair “kraty” (which in Polish means “prison bars”)

– Hanging lamp “kajdanki” (which in Polish means “handcuffs”)

– Chandelier “klucze” (which in Polish means “keys”)

Poczekalnia Club & Restaurant images / information received from Karina Wiciak

Location: Poland, eastern Europe

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