Islam Arts Department Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum Visconti Courtyard, Islamic Arts Building Paris, Photos, Architect, Design

Islam Arts Department Louvre Museum

Visconti Courtyard Paris, France – design by Architects Rudy Ricciotti / Mario Bellini

29 Aug 2013

Louvre Museum Visconti Courtyard

Musée du Louvre – Pyramide, Paris Ie

New Islamic Arts Wing

Location: Paris Ie

Design: Architects Rudy Ricciotti and Mario Bellini

Islam Arts Department Louvre Museum
photograph : Raffaele Cipolletta

The idea of covering the Cour Visconti with a glass roof would hark back to a nineteenth-century concept for a space that, until today, has looked at the sky. We proposed the creation of a sail-like glass and metal canopy set back from the historic facades on all sides, floating over the galleries like golden, iridescent cloud that filters daylight.

Visconti Courtyard Louvre Museum Visconti Courtyard Louvre Visconti Courtyard
photographs : Lisa Ricciotti

On a site of 2,800 sqm, we organised the 5,000 sq.m of the Islamic Art Department on two cohesive levels: the ground floor galleries is covered with a glass roof enclosed within a metal mesh, filtering daylight; the parterre beneath is visually linked to the ground floor by one opening. From anywhere on the ground floor, and from certain areas of the parterre, visitors can admire the courtyard’s facades and the roof’s undulating iridescence. Thanks to the continues glass facade, visitors are be able to appreciate the integration of the project with the court.

Islam Arts Department Louvre
photograph : Phillipe Ruault

A two layered metallic mesh (gold outside, silver inside) envelopes a system of waterproof glass panels and the “cloud” structure, a free-form double lattice system of round steel tubes, thicker where it is fitted to the load-bearing columns and thinner at the edges. The interior mesh, lined with a honeycomb panel, serves as the ceiling for the galleries. The 3D geometry of this skin required extensive computer modelling, to determine the positions and inclination angle for each of the triangles panels, all of them differing from each other, which when projected on a horizontal plane form isosceles right-angled triangles whose two equal sides are about 1.20 meters. There are some 2,350 triangular panels of metallic mesh.

The courtyard was excavated to a depth of 12 meters. The foundations of the facades were reinforced, consolidated and extended with the jet grouting technique.

Islam Arts Wing Louvre Museum
photograph : Antoine Mongodin

Islam Arts Department Louvre Museum – Building Information

Title: Islam Arts Department, Louvre Museum
Client: Département des Arts de l’Islam, Musée du Louvre Collaborators:
Goppion, Renaud Pierard, Cyril E. Issanchou, Egle De Luca, Edy Gaffulli, Nan Shin, Forclum Spie, Cegelec, Peutz, 8’18” Lighting, HDA, Laine Delau, Waagner Biro, Giovanna Bonfanti, Raffaele Cipolletta, Gerard Le Goff

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Louvre Museum Visconti Courtyard

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