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19 Jun 2013
Birzeit Historic Centre, Birzeit
Design: Riwaq
Birzeit Historic Centre Palestine
photo : Riwaq
Birzeit Historic Centre
This five-year project, part of a rehabilitation master plan initiated by Riwaq, has transformed the decaying town of Birzeit, created employment through conservation and revived vanishing traditional crafts in the process. Community involvement was encouraged from the start, including local NGOs, the private sector, owners, tenants and users, all working with the municipality.

4 Jan 2012

Palestine Architecture Competition

Palestinian Museum Architecture Contest
Palestinian Museum Architecture Competition building - new Palestine Architecture
image from organiser
Palestinian Museum Building Design

The Welfare Association announces the appointment of Heneghan Peng Architects to masterplan and design the Palestinian Museum in Birzeit in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Following an extensive selection process The Welfare Association has announced that it has selected Architects to masterplan and design the Palestinian Museum which will be located in Birzeit in Occupied Palestine. The appointment is announced of Dublin based Heneghan Peng Architects, designers of the Grand Egyptian Museum, who will be responsible for Masterplanning a phased development of the Palestinian Museum on a very important site within the overall campus of Birzeit University, near to Ramallah.

Palestine Architecture

Key Palestine Architecture:

Cultural centre – Dar al-Kalima Academy, Bethlehem
Juha Leiviskä with Bassem Khoury

Residential Masterplan in East Jerusalem
Design: Pie Architecture
Development of approx. 2,500 houses

More Palestine architecture projects online soon

UNICEF provide aid to children affected by the conflict in Gaza:

Jordan Buildings
Petra Visitors Centre on the Palestine Architecture page
picture from architect

Juha Leiviskä

West Bank Wall : Discussion by Frazer Hay – excerpt below:

This document proposes the West Bank Wall separating Israel from Palestine be listed as a World Heritage site. This important site has huge cultural significance internationally and is a key iconic structure which highlights the struggle between cultures and religious beliefs. The West Bank is no different from the other walls in our history which have divided people and fuelled conflict and oppression.

The Berlin Wall and Hadrian’s Wall in the UK are now seen as heritage sites but were in there time no-less sensitive and brutal in their nature. Crucially the Berlin Wall was not given any sort of protection and as a result fell victim to misuse and abuse at the hands of such things as eBay itself an iconic phenomena of our contemporary consumerist culture in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

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Location: Palestine, Middle East, western Asia

Buildings in countries adjacent to Palestine

Israel Buildings
Peace Peres House Jaffa
image : Archivio Fuksas

Jordan Architecture
Queen Alia International Airport
picture © Foster + Partners

Egyptian Architecture

Middle East Architecture

Buildings in countries close to Palestine

Saudia Arabian Buildings
Breakwater Beacon
image : UAP

Lebanese Buildings
486 Mina El Hosn Beirut
picture from architects

Kuwait Buildings
Kuwait Chalet Building
photograph : Nelson Garrido

Syrian Building

Yemen Architecture

Key building in the Middle East
Kuwait National Assembly
Date built: 1982
Architect: Jørn Utzon
Architectural competition 1972 – resulting in a creative design by this Danish master architect, evoking the traditional tent canvas of The Gulf.

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