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Norwegian Building Designs

Key Property Developments in Norway, Europe

post updated 11 Jan 2021 ; post updated 27 Feb 2020

Building Designs in Norway

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Norwegian Building Designs. We aim to include projects that are either of top quality or interesting, or ideally both. We cover completed buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across Norway. The focus is on contemporary Norwegian buildings but information on traditional Nordic buildings is also welcome.

We have 5 pages of Norwegian Architecture selections.

Norwegian Architecture : news + key projects

Norwegian Building Developments : A-G

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Selection of Norwegian Architecture

New Architectural Designs, alphabetical:

Hatlehol Church, Aalesund, west Norway
Design: Cornelius + Vöge
Hatlehol Church Norwegian Building Designs
image from C+V
Hatlehol Church : Architecture Competition
Young Danish architects Cornelius + Vöge has won a large international competition on a new church in Norway. Among 123 competitors from all over Europe the project was announced as the winner.

Holmenkollen Ski Jump Design
Design: Julien de Smedt Architects
Norwegian Ski Jump
picture from JDS
Norwegian Ski Jump
The resulting simplicity of the solution improves the experience of the spectators and brings clear focus to the skiers. The ski jump is clad in aluminum and glass and rises 58 meters in the air. It cantilevers an impressive 69 meters and on the first day of jumping tests; the record of the longest jump made at Holmenkollen was broken.

Hotel Brosundet, Ålesund, west Norway
Design: Snøhetta
Norwegian Hotel Building
photograph : Marte Garmann Johnsen
Hotel Brosundet
The warehouse was built as part of a prestigious rebuilding effort after the great fire of Ålesund in 1904. The building is listed and is situated in the middle of a National Art Nouveau Landmark.

Hotel Kirkenes, northern Norway
Design: Rintala Eggertsson Architects
Hotel Kirkenes Norway
photo : Jan Erik Svendsen
Hotel Kirkenes Norway, Sør-Varanger
All unnecessary luxury would also be eliminated: no satellite channels, minibar or brass doorknobs. The idea would simply be based on a warm shelter and a view out to the Barents Sea. A person spending the night in a room would still feel he or she was in Kirkenäs.

Inspiria Science Centre, Graalum
Design: AART architects
Inspiria Science Centre Norwegian Building Designs
image from architects
Inspiria Science Centre, near Sarpsborg

Juvet Landscape Hotel, Gudbrandsjuvet
Design: Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor
Juvet Landscape Hotel Architecture
image : Jensen & Skodvin Architects
Juvet Landscape Hotel

Knarvik church, Lindås, Norway
Knarvik church Norwegian Building Designs
image from architect firm
Knarvik church

Knut Hamsun Center
Design: Steven Holl Architects
Knut Hamsun building
picture from SHA
Knut Hamsun building

Kristiansund Opera Culture Centre
Design: C. F. Møller Architects
Kristiansund Opera Norwegian Building Designs
picture : C. F. Møller Architects
Kristiansund Opera Culture Centre

Kristiansund Opera House
Brisac Gonzalez Architects / Space Group
Opera and Culture House Kristiansund
picture : luxigon
Kristiansund Opera House

Lantern, Trondheim
AWP / Atelier Oslo, Architects
Lantern Trondheim Building
picture : AWP / Atelier Oslo
Lantern Trondheim

Leüthens Kulturhage, Trondheim
Henning Larsen Architects
Leüthens Kulturhage Norwegian Building Designs
picture courtesy Henning Larsen Architects
Leüthens Kulturhage

Liasanden Mountain road project
Liasanden Mountain road project
image : Jensen & Skodvin Architects
Liasanden Mountain project, Sognefjell

Luftfartstilsynet Bodø, west Norway
Space Group Architects
Luftfartstilsynet Bodø Building
image © SpaceGroup / Jeroen Musch
Luftfartstilsynet Bodø

The Magpie’s Nest
Kristin Jarmund Architects
Bergen Silver Collection Norway
photo : Magnus Skrede
Bergen Silver Collection

Main Firestation Bergen, west Norway
Stein Halvorsen AS Sivilarkitekter MNAL
Firestation Bergen Norwegian Building Designs
image from Stein Halvorsen
Firestation Bergen

Main Office Viken Skog, Hønefoss
Stein Halvorsen AS Sivilarkitekter MNAL
Main Office Viken Skog
photo from Stein Halvorsen
Main Office Viken Skog

Marché restaurant + shop, Lier
Lund+Slaatto Architects
Marché Lier Norway
picture by architect
Marché Lier

Midtåsen Skulpturpark, Sandefjord
Lund Hagem Arkitekter
Midtåsen Skulpturpark Sandefjord Norwegian Building Designs
photo : architects
Midtåsen Skulpturpark

Military Base Norway, Sør-Varanger
A-lab Architects
Border Station Norway
picture by architect
Military Base Norway

Molde Jazzhouse & Theatre Design
Norwegian theatre building
picture from 3XN
Norwegian theatre : Norwegian Contest

Mortensrud Church, Oslo
Mortensrud Church Norwegian Building Designs
image : Jensen & Skodvin
Mortensrud Church Building

The Munch Museum, Oslo
Munch Museum
model by Jorge Queipo, photo by Federico López
Munch Museum Building

More Norwegian Buildings online soon

Norwegian Buildings – No Images

Major Contemporary Nordic Architecture Developments, alphabetical:

Hamar Bispegaard Museum
Sverre Fehn

Hamar Town Hall


Hedmark Cathedral Museum, Hamar

Sverre Fehn

Karmøy Fishing Museum, Karmøy, Rogaland county, southwest of Haugesund

Kastellet School, Oslo
div.A arkitekter as
RIBA International Architecture Awards 2006

KHIB – National Academy of the Arts, Bergen


Kongsberg Jazz Festival – Main Stage

Kristiansand – Opera house proposal

Andrés Perea Ortega

Lillehammer Museum Extension
Sverre Fehn & Geir Grung; Maihaugen

Lillehammer Olympic Art Museum, Lillehammer

More contemporary Norwegian Buildings online soon

Location: Norway, northern Europe

Oslo Buildings

Norwegian Architect Studios

Nordic architects : Snøhetta

Nobel Peace Center – Exhibition Centre Building, Oslo

Norwegian Architecture above the Arctic Circle

Sami Parliament Building, Lapland
Halvorsen & Sundby

Norwegian Architects : key designers

Molde building – Norwegian competition entry

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