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The Lantern, Sandnes : Stavanger Building

Stavanger Architecture, Norway – design by AWP / Atelier Oslo, Architects

12 Oct 2010

Lantern Sandnes

Architects: AWP / Atelier Oslo

Lantern Norway, Stavanger Building
picture courtesy Atelier Oslo/AWP



As well as having an iconographical and recognizable shape, the roof provides an ever-changing experience for the daily passers by. The roof stretches out to capture the sun; light is filtered through the depth and translucency of the structure. In rainy weather rolling clouds are reflected in the glass. At night, the whole pavilion glows like a lantern.

An abstract and lightweight sensation is achieved through the uniform structure, where there is no division between primary and secondary elements.

It is a double grid made solely of 90x90mm wood members. Where needed, additional elements are added within the system. The material of the roof construction is laminated pine with steel reinforcement in the joints.


The glass panels are mounted in an overlapping pattern, as in a traditional slate roof.

The overlap incorporates eventual movement between the panels. This allows the glass to be mounted directly onto the wooden structure, avoiding the typical steel profiles and substructure. A translucent pattern is printed on the panels, to both capture the light, and let it through to play in the wooden structure beneath. A light, abstract feeling is achieved, adding to the depth and reflection qualities of the whole.

Lantern Sandnes Lantern Sandnes Norway Lantern Norway
pictures courtesy Atelier Oslo/AWP

The roof is held up by four groups of columns, creating a flexible space, open for different interpretations and activities. The columns are individual and sculptural, and in contrast to the simple shape of the roof, create different informal spaces. In some places the columns turn into benches when meeting the ground. The columns are withdrawn from the edge of the roof, both to be protected from the rain, but also to blur the sensation of when the users are covered or not. With inspiration from gothic principles, the continuity of the structure is shown from the ground to the roof. The material is massive oak with steel reinforcement in the joints.

The ground (which construction is on going) has been designed as a carpet offering the base for the most varied uses. This carpet is made of different samples of resistant concretes, based on different ways of building in this climate.


The Lantern has been filmed and presented as an exemplary project at the Norwegian Wood Conference in 2008, has been exhibited at the Oslo Museum of Architecture, and has been nominated for the Mies Van der Rohe prize in 2009.
Object of lectures at architectural venues in Oslo, Trondheim to Geneva, Copenhagen, Milan, Rome, Tirana and Belgrade in 2008/09 and at the London Architecture Foundation in 2010, it has been widely published internationally in magazines and books (Mark magazine, AMC, Le Moniteur, Philip Jodidio’s forthcoming book on public architecture etc).
Most importantly, the feedback from the Municipality of Sandnes and from its inhabitants, the actual users of the Lantern, has been extremely positive. Intensively inhabited, the Lantern has become a familiar object and a reference for its users, symbolizing a new convivial way to live the public realm – unusual, in a northern country.

The Lantern (Lanternen) – Building Information

Country: Norway
Completed: Nov 2008 (started 2008) ; ground phase 2010/11
Office: Atelier Oslo/AWP (Oslo, Norway; est. 0)
Collaborators: Dr. techn. Kristoffer Apeland (Structural engineering), Timber AS (Construction), Skandinaviska Glassystem (Façades), COWI (Lighting), Øren Consult (Fire consulting), Sweco (Acoustical),
Client (Public): Sandnes kommune Programme: Cultural
Work Description: The Lantern

AWP (Alessandra Cianchetta, Marc Armengaud, Matthias Armengaud) : leading architect
Atelier Oslo : development and on site construction

AWP Architects

Location: Sandnes, Norway

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