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Park Structures in Mapua, NZ

Utilitarian Architecture in New Zealand South Island design by Irving Smith Architects

30 May 2016

Park Structures in Mapua, New Zealand

Design: Irving Smith Architects

Location: Mapua, near Nelson – South Island, New Zealand

Mapua Park Structures

Park Structures in Mapua

The government remediation of New Zealand’s “most contaminated site”, a former chemical fertilizer plant in the small rural town of Mapua, left the site bare, emotionally scarred, unused and fiscally under resourced. Remediation capped the site, but countered re-inhabitation: even planting trees is problematic when digging deeper than a spade depth calls for “men in white coats.”

Park Structures in Mapua

Park Structures in Mapua Park Structures in Mapua

Funding for an upgrade of the town’s services questioned how architecture might start offsite as something else, and over time extend to the remediated landscape and stimulate community use. Architecture becomes a kit of parts to initiate change: sheet fencing encloses plant but uncloses park entry, slabs cap sewage tanks but rise to seating, roofing covers plant but uncovers public shelter.

Park Structures in Mapua

Elements combine to reference the scale and typology of the surrounding horticulture buildings, with materials kept rural and raw, yet progressive and durable: naturally finished in-situ and exposed-aggregate concretes, yellow frc-grated walkways, weathering steel, hardwood timbers.

Park Structures in Mapua

Park Structures in Mapua

The services plant a seed and the park begins to grow and correct the landscape back to its community. The park now has shelter buildings, public amenities, a performance amphitheatre, spaces to play and unwind… a place in the community, a sustainable future.

Park Structures in Mapua

Park Structures in Mapua images / information from Irving Smith Architects

Location: Mapua, New Zealand

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